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£300 more in UK than the a7riii ... thats an almost 10% rise

John Tan

Wonder What’s the file size per photo... hope they will bump up a7iv mp


Can you lower the raw file size without going apsc?

Camera Buff

So it will be even noisier and have even less dynamic range. No thanks.

Dark Iris

I hope it has a much better EVF for this price!!

Jeff Wisener
Dan, I shoot surfing photography and videography. I currently own a Sony A6300. If upgrading to full frame camera capabilities and buying a Sony 200-600mm lens for surfing stills and video, which Sony A7 would you recommend and yes, on a retirement budget so willing to pay more only if worth it.PS: currently using Canon 400mm lens with my A6300. Autofocus (regardless of metabones or MC11 adaptor) is worthless shooting/videoing surfing so forced to shoot manual focus . My bet is often times if shooting with an A7R4 I would shoot crop sensor to get closer view and shooting at… Read more »

@4:47 That Focus Box Color setting so needs to come to the A7 mk3 bodies.

deer hunter

i'm glad i sold my hasselblad 2 years ago ... when it was still worth something ... when updating a camera that cost 25.000 dollars ... becomes self sabotage every 3 or 4 years ... 3500 is peanuts , a no brainer .

Jurrian Kamstra

This makes me want to change to Sony, looks like an amazing camera. Looking forward to the reviews of this one!


this photo looks more like an outtake... 0:10 to harsh light and visible shadows on the left cheek... plus too much contrast.
and to the camera: 61 MP on a FF? Yeah sony, who needs this? Where is the second screen on the top of the body? Nikon does it, Canon, Fuji...
Its just a slightly upgrade which only catches up to other brands. Eye AF is good but you have simply no option to choose eye, face etc. The rear Display has a lower resolution than Canon and Nikon Z6 has, why?

Nicholas Smith

I just saw you guys on the news!! I'm glad you got the drone out in time. That must've been scary

Justice Films & Studio

I noticed the Profoto remote in your video. As you're testing the camera more in depth I would love to hear how well it works with the Profoto Air remote you're using. I have trouble with mine on my A7Rii but works well with my A7S11 and A7iii bodies... So am curious as to how well they function together... Thanks Eric

Oleg Vorkunov

Besides sensor upgrade and second SD slot, Mark 4 has no real differences to prior model. Everything else could be upgraded via firmware.

Raymond Monk

I still wish the body would go back to full size though. It makes larger lenses more balanced and would leave more room in the am era for future and better oooling

Johnny Fryda

Everybody, please sell your Sony A7R III And order the new one...

Sam Griggs

Sony relentlessly put out so many great hardwares. It’s getting harder to resist temptation from the dark side. 😵


Great camera but still way to expensive for us poor people that would love to get their hands on a great camera like this.

Derek Irons

Is this going to better then Sony a 9 even with Sony a9 update for still n video?

Eccentric Smithy

Its not a Sony A7R MARK 4, it just Sony A7R4...there is no "mark" in the name.


Sony needs to make an automatic rotating flash on top of their A7R IV

Bernard Jones

I see the camera will be priced at £3500, again we're being mugged
in the Uk. Best way to deal with the thieves is to not buy it.
I tell you what, using Sony's marketing logic, I'll gladly pay ¥3500.

Gong Fan

Wow, what a beautiful color, every white people became yellow man.

Stefanie Daniella
Ooops ... your video does not actually show 10fps !!! (observant viewers can count, you know! try showing actual count display and file type: JPEG! or RAW? 12-bit! or 14-bit?)+OUCH!■□■□■□■□■ Sony-Shutter-BLACKOUTS (classic!) = Sony A7RIV (@120Hz) newYIKES! (again???!!!)=same BLACKOUTS in between every Laggy-PAST-Preview videofed frame display as BEFORE■□■□■□■□■ Sony-Shutter-BLACKOUTS (classic!) = Sony A9 (@120Hz) oldDitto: A7RIII, A7III, etc, etc, etcand Sony-Shutter-BLACKOUTS bogs down (Laggy-PAST-Preview) Eye-AF = dancing LAGGY-waggy subject-eye-follow indicator in live-view always plays "catch-up" !!! = (classic SONY recipe for AF-C re-misfocus)EGADS! (expletives deleted)same ol' WEAK SONY "live preview" autofocus @ "widest-apertures-only-NEEDY" (with live exposure preview DISABLED)too bad =… Read more »