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Juan Brezzo
Hello Michael !! 3 months ago I bought my A9 with the 24-70 f2.8 GM and here comes the problem: It continually leaves me abandoned in the middle of work because it stops focusing and on the screen it appears: F — — . I got tired of taking it out and putting it back on but I not only lose important moments of registering but I run the risk of it falling to the ground. I also use the Sony 70-200 2.8 GM and the Sony Zeiss 16-35 f / 4 and no problem with them. I hope you help me… Read more »

Do you know why my touch screen would not be working? I just got my a9 this week and the touch screen has been non responsive the entire time. Do I have to activate it?

Jürgen Schumacher

Thank you for this great tutorial. I‘ll switch from Canon to Sony in a couple of months. One question, can you use exposure compensation in manual mode with auto-iso = on with this camera?


Awesome video. Thanks . Was hoping for more information on high frame rate shooting. H M L , when I shoot at high frame rates I loose sharpness. Why ?

Vanessa Clifton

This is damn good! I like the file quality of these A cameras but the menus and settings look intimidating! Thank you soooo much for breaking this down. I might pick up 1 or 2 for wedding work!!

Stephen Chandra

hai michael just curious whats the point of having option for aps-c and super 35? for sure we want to set it off all the time and having the best quality from the full frame right?

Conan Fox

Im only 13min into the video and I already learned a bunch. Very well explained detailed video, please post more about every other function that this genius camera has to provide please.!

Tanega Ranchu

Thank you for this. Really Helped me get up and going.


Thx a lot. Also useful for A7 III User. 😉

Elsie Poynton

Thanks coming from Canon is a big jump and u helped a lot


Michael, are you going to do a tutorial for the A7iii? I love the format and presentation style. Great job!

Amitesh Sinha

Thank you! I have just bought A9. You have shortened my learning time and quality of information is simply incredible!

Juan Brezzo

Hi ! I can't the AF Illuminator of Sony flash hvl-60M works in my Sony A9. Could you help me, please ??? Thanx !!!

Drumming Spain

I appreciate just how much work goes into a video like this, so thank you! As I’ve just bought my A9, the first thing I did was to upgrade the firmware to 5.0. The menu system is very different... will you be doing a new one of these for the version 5.0?

shake jones

...great video mate...best training video i have seen on the Sony a9...

Gerard Bruno Lamarque

Michael … You are a LEGEND , thank you so much for making that OUSTANDING Video for us … God Bless You always for your Kindness and Sharing with others you Expertise … im a great follower or Yours

Rick Brewer
Michael, you do an outstanding job. Your video tutorials gets us viewers up to speed so much faster on how to set and operate the A9. I am a Canon user and made the switch to the A9, so I have a very good understanding of Canon's settings, but with that said, your video cuts down the amount of time I needed to gain the needed knowledge on all of the menu settings and functions. This is the second tutorial that I've watched of yours (the Canon 7DMK2 was the first). I'm blown away at how well your classes are… Read more »
Sergei K

still don't understand why you shoot sporting events in aperture priority mode. Let's say you set your aperture to f5.6. Suddenly, sun hides behind the clouds and to compensate camera sets your shutter speed to lower values not enough to capture fast movements. Seems logical to me to shoot sporting evens in shutter priority mode when you don't have to worry aobut not being able to cpature fast movement.

Tuwanda Peters

Just got my a9, this video was a huge help. Thanks. You did go over how to use or program the 1, 2, 3 mode dial

Ern Reeders

Lots of great information. Thanks.
Re bumping up ISO, wouldn't it be better to say that this increases signal amplification?

M Help

at 19:44 you show a screen on your camera that I don't have on mine. I go from the full black screen with all the information to the image with the histogram in the bottom right and info on the bottom of the screen only. That page you show never shows up on mine. Why not? BTW I have update 4.1 installed.

Thy Bun

Thank you so much for your tutorial, Michael.


while in manual mode you can half press shutter button then hold AEL button to activate eye detection! 🙂