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Aldi Maulana Adrianto


Ramon Solorio

That s&q mode will give a lower quality image so be careful there. Looks like a good cam especially when paired with the small Crane plus from zhiyun.

Jeffrey Lipata

what do you prefer between M50 or A6400?

M. Wong

Optical steady shot lens able to fix the warping for videos?

Enrique Guzman

This is my first real camera and I'm really enjoying it. I cant afford more Sony lenses so I will be getting some Sigma and one of those cheapy Amazon Meike manual focus ones for my photography. Great video!

marshall branin

Awesome video! Nice looking camera! What’s your thoughts on the bmpcc 4K for professional work and some YouTube? Also, what’s the background song?

John Donaldson

If Sony had put IBIS in the 6400 I would agree. Also I just can't figure out why Sony won't put a simple flippy screen the comes out to the side on their cameras. I think the 6400 was an embarrassing mistake.

Astro Vlogger

That rolling shutter was gross, but it's clearly not designed for a run and gun or vlogging camera because it also has no stabilisation. As a tripod camera it looks great, and Sony's menu system is looking better, almost like they've taken a leaf out of Canon's book.

Villiam Hansen

You were in perfect focus, so what's the problem?


I was already sold Everyday Dad... now I want to buy it even more lol

BrandonRico Simpson

What is the ideal vlogging camera to you?

Daniel Sharps

Expensive? This seems weird. On Amazon, an A6400 with lens is $1300. An A7IIK with lens is $1200. Both brand new. So it just depends on what you’re looking for and what you already have access to.

Aengus MacNaughton
Alright — you hooked me — I subscribed! Your weather/foliage looks a lot like mine — where are you located (what state/region)? I live in Howard County, Maryland. I appreciate your perspective in reviewing — and I'd love to see more drop tests! But your reviews/testing of real working gear (not the "cheapest") are very useful. It's good that you are checking out the newest equipment out there — but I find it interesting that, despite some drawbacks, you still use your GH5. Seems like this is the case for many GH5 users — the positives outweigh the negatives. I have a G85 and I love… Read more »

Heh, you said pp. I really Z6, in part due to you gushing over it. But this is way more affordable. As a Panasonic shooter, that auto focus is God-like. Yeah, I still want the Z6.

Arik Leibovich

I have a question before I buy this camera
I'm going to shoot mostly video with Canon lenses I have with the new Sony A6400 only through probably the adapter of METABONE. Will there be a significant reduction in the speed of focus or locking of focus on eyes or objects? I'm not going to buy Sony or Sigma lenses. Only in my Canon lenses. what do you think ? my canon lenses : 17-55 2.8 IS . tokina 10-17 fisheye . 70-200 2.8 IS . 500 f4

Alex Everything

Man, Sony has really stepped up their game with this one!

Adrian Denila

im still waiting for this a6400 here in the Philippines, still has not arrived! I dont mind the flippy screen, im not a vlogger anyway.


I saw the rolling shutter in your fingers as soon as you switched over. But then I saw the innocence in your eyes and everything was wholesome ever after.

Rikki Rockett

I, like you, can never make up my mind! I have the A n6400 right now and not sure what to do. I love the Fugi XT-3, but the no selfie screen just sucks Otherwise, it's hard to beat. I don't want to like the A6400, but I do!


it's purposely crippled to fit sony's way of doing stuff.


Cant wait for the a7000 (or 6700) whatever they are going to call it. It prob wont have a flip screen though.

Greg Joblove

I love the lack of an intro bumper! It keeps things tight


I upgraded from the sonya5000 to this one and I am loving it... still trying to figure everything out. 🙃

Joe Van Wyk

You rock. I just shuffled a lot of gear, searching for a “deliver a message” camera. The dust has settled, and in front of me sits the a6400 and the Sigma 16 1.4. Like I said to Kasey in my last video, it’s about the right tool for the right job.

Tamara Zawada

That rolling shutter doesn't bother me at all.

Vid 101

Is the 80D still worth for the cheaper price?

Thom Kane

Are you in New England? You seem to have snow the same times I do ?

Tomaz Turra

niiice video!! compare the a6400 with xT-30 tooo 🙂

Henry Nguyen

Try turning on airplane mode when using an external monitor and see if face tracking works.