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marcel plavec

NICE VIDEO......whats a SURPRISE ......looks absolut amazing and more warm colors as usually has SONY

Noealz Photo

I was expecting a vid on the latest sony =p

S Hong

Another great review! Thanks a lot. It was my great joy to happen to see you on the bridge. Next time I hope to chat with you, having coffee. It will be my treat!


Great review as always. I really like your style, which is calm, informative, and detailed. Lots of products shots and examples, including the same room a other reviews, which allows us to see differences across the products.

Jean V

1:08 Ach jooo, jida jida, huuuhuuu, Eva Eva, jaaaaj... 😁


I happen to come across this lens at my local shop and was blow away testing it out so I bought it. It’s a phenomenal lens. Super sharp, beautiful rendering, super compact, very light, and priced very reasonably.


Hi, are you gonna review a new Tamron 17-28 2.8 anytime soon?

The Essential Light

I got this lens last November and it is one if my favorite lenses along with the 24-105 f4

Jay Philip Williams

I'm surprised you didn't discuss the omission of a focusing scale with hyperfocal markings. In my opinion, that omission on Sony's part is inexcusable.

Chryseas S.
Really appreciated this review as I am currently considering buying this lens. Could you comment on the this lens compared to the Fe 28 f2 please? Also you did not mention lens flaring so I am assuming it was not a problem for you. I am debating between this lens or the Tamron 17-28 f,2.8 ( if it ever is in stock) as my wide angle lens but the GM definitely appeals. I do own the 28f.2 lens- would that be redundant with the 24? Thank you for all your amazing videos — you have helped me and many others a… Read more »
Alejandro Ilukewitsch

This lens plus the new sony are the main reasons I am really considering moving to Sony.

The Hybrid Shooter

Sample shot were edited in Luminar 3.1.2 — http://bit.ly/SkylumLuminar2018 Code: THS10
Moza Air 2 Review with Sony A7 III and FE 24mm F1.4 GM — http://bit.ly/MozaAir2review

Creative Taco

Another fantastic review... I was lucky to have one of the first 24mm when they came out. It’s my go to lens b/c it just makes my content look better then I really am. And who doesn’t want to look smart? 🙂 Looking forward to the next review...Ronin SC and this combo maybe?

Luke Szeflinski

Have you noticed 24mm focus pulsing (tiny evf image zooming in and out, and you can feel the motor when holding the lens) ) when using narrow apertures? Mine starts from f4 and is the worst on f11 and f16. Here's video of what I'm talking about: https://youtu.be/HR7uYToAgQA . My Tamron 28-75mm and Sony 85 1.6 doesn't do it on narrow apertures.


Seems like a good lens, if you can put your hand on one... out of stock everywhere...

RL87 Photos

How does it compare to the samyang 24mm 2.8? I know it’s probably much sharper but is it worth the price tag ? Thanks!

Well Good review as usual my friend 🙂 ... but on my side I am always annoyed when I read a review on a fixed lens which is 1500 euros... It seems good and even excellent... ok ... but 1500 euros for a 24mm ... it s a jewel :). Ok you win 2 stops vs a classic f 2.8 , but tell me how many times will you use it at something else than f5.6 or f8... So ok guys if you have the passion and the money to buy it go , it s seems a good quality,… Read more »
Frank Feng

Please compare it with Sigma 16 1.4 on A6400 or even A7iii.

Yavor Kapitanov

I've said it many times, but the aperture drive and subsequently the ring are completely useless imo, because the aperture drive works in steps, even if the ring turns smoothly, and to me in video it doesn't looks that flattering. If they can change this with a firmware update that would be great...

Ronald Coniglio
I'm considering a change to a mirrorless and perhaps smaller, lighter camera ( I currently use NIKON Df ). I'm not interested in video.I'm not a pro but have an extensive art background ( both as a student and teacher ) and have seriously studied/used photography as a medium since 1955.I don't specialize when it comes to subject matter but have strong interest in faces ( up close ) and landscape ( from both near and far ). I want best possible image quality, prefer full-frame, am leaning towards the smaller-than-traditional sizes , appreciate good build quality, ergonomics, weather-sealing, efficient… Read more »
J Cooper

The 24mm 1.4 GM and The 135mm 1.8 GM are GREAT lenses !!! So Sony keep
those GM primes lenses comming... Wish for 55mm GM, 300 4.0 GM 400 4.5
GM and more... oh yeah and a macro GM without stabilizer !

J Cooper

The 24mm 1.4 GM and The 135mm 1.8 GM are GREAT lenses !!! So Sony keep
those GM primes lenses comming... Wish for 55mm GM, 300 4.0 GM 400 4.5
GM and more... oh yeah and a macro GM without stabilizer !