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Ruff Prophet Productions

y’all shot this video on the a73 as well?? looks fantastic

Sean Phạm

Intuitive videos, good talk, nicely crafted.
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Najeeb Badalandabad

I love my Sony 85 🤪 and of course pairs well with my Zeiss 35 f2.8

Benjamin Kanarek

Looks like this lens might have been made by Viltrox. Way too many similarities to the Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 lens. If not, the Viltrox has several advantages. It is all metal, firmware can be updated via a usb port and it seem to be more solidly built.

Gustavo Ibarra

Perfect match for the upcoming 35 mm 1.8 🙂

Henning Nilsen

And second hand you can probably get it for 350-400. Great deal.

Lucas Projects

Watching the bloopers I feel like: man, I wanna be friends with that guy hahah

Philbert Williams

I own this lens and I don't regret getting it! Awesome, light, sharp!

Greg Makamian

I got it as an open box for $400 which is a steal! Really love this lens. It's perfect on the A7iii, and it actually balances well unlike the bigger lenses.


What did you program the button on the side to do? Focus hold?

Aravind kumar

My feed is filled with images from this lens... So sharp... Instagram — @arvndvisual


Does the Samyang offer better image quality?

Kwyjibo van de Kamp

More outtakes please!!!
Nice video by the way 😁

Jorden Young

Great review- Just wondering how it compares to the xf56mm f1.2?


Looks pretty good, but sadly im more confused because i was getting the samyang 85 1.4 lens.

Robert Brickley

Had it, sold it pretty quickly. Colour and character were lacking for me, but I feel like a lot of Sony lenses are like that.

Heeman Park

haha if you didn't like this video, give thumbs down twice~ that was clever~ lol~ neways, thanks for the review. i am really considering on getting one


I’ve had this lens for some time now and it is fantastic


This lens is fantastic I wish they made the 50mm 18 with the same quality

Driver's Side

Great review man! I’m looking for the best setup for shooting tons of automotive video and photos and I think I’ve landed on the A7III. Now I just need to figure out what lenses to pair it with

It is one of my go to lenses for portraits. I love the 70-200 2.8 as well but this 85 1.8 is small and light and sharp. For the price it is a no brainer. And great for when the big heavy lenses are going to be hard to bring out. It is not the toughest lens around but it is good enough for 90 percent of photographers needs. 9/10 in my book because of the image quality to price ratio. If you need that extra durability because you are rough on your gear or out doing weddings and traveling… Read more »
Sebastián Torres

Great review! As you shoot with Fuji and Sony, could you give me some insights? 
I am considering switching from the x-t3 to A7iii or A7Riii. In focal length and DOF the Sony 85 1.8 would be similar to the Fujinon 56 1.2. What is to you a better portrait kit A7iii + 85 1.8 or X-T3 +56 1.2?

uofmdad42 go blue

I love that lens...that lens is well respected among Sony users.

Richard Crowe

Great review... I love this lens on my APSC A6400 and A6500 cameras. No, it is not too long for that!

Danyal Fryer

What do you think between the Sony and Fuji cameras for video production?

Saad Azzahrani

Underrated?! This is the most overrated Sony lens just after the 55mm zeiss. It's a great lens but it's not even close to being underrated.

The IQ is good and it's sharp, but the contrast is lower than average, especially in back-lit situations.

Teddy Tedd

Good stuff 👍🏾
That lens is Gr8.........

Oscar Majoros

@00:30 — it´s 3.71 gram? 🙂 I don´t think so — That is 0,13 oz