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Hi Caleb
Can you control the Start/Stop trigger function in HFR (960fps) with the phone/tablet app?

Thor Jonsson

Excellent review Caleb, I was wondering since I found this locally used for a great price if this fits my current needs. I am a 360 photographer, drone video guy who needs a good camera for doing 4k video (I produce a lot of 1 min videos for our travel site), interviews with tourists in the street, and would be nice if I could use for northern lights but I have a professional 360 camera that handles it beautifully. I can get this camera for about 800 USD here in Iceland, do you think this would fit my needs?


Can you take a photo whist in record mode?

Louise Gillette

Just bought this camera and I should be getting it tomorrow, so I am excited to use it! Thanks for the video to help me get started.

The RX10 MIII sounds compelling, but it will be hard to consider, since the RX10 M II I bought in Sept 2015 failed me three times, needing repairs. Good thing I spent the $250 for 3 years of coverage, because at $400 a pop to repair it, it would have ended up in the trash by now. It just failed me for the third time on another trip. All the buttons on the back just stop working. It still turns on and off, and takes pictures at whatever I have it set at — a true point and shoot camera, for… Read more »
Premnath Alfred

Nice review, looking forward for you review on Rx10 IV, why did you choose this camera over GH4, I am contemplating between Sony Rx IV vs GH5. I am on a budget, hobbyst, love landscape, Down side of GH5 is I have to purchase lens which would cost another 1000$ which means it would all come to 3000$plus, If I go with sony Rx 10 IV no need for lens. How are the stills with this camera... Thanks for your opinion.


Does the slow motion record audio in slomo yet??

Rupesh Jha Mathematics Classes

Can I do video recording with this?

Dracula Dicruz

Good review. How about heating issues while filming 4k or slow motion?

Diego Tibocha

More footage would be very apreciated. Even do, thank you! 😉

Larry Keyser

I just bought this camera used from a friend. From what I can see, this one piece of equipment replaces my beloved Canon body and
Four lenses. My priority when traveling is lean and mean simplification. I am also frankly wowed by some nifty special effects that enhance landscapes, birds, botanical shots. I love it so far. Nice review.

George Karaolis

I have ordered the NEW XC10 M4. Would you recommend getting the M4 over the M3 especially for that over 300 points Auto focus.

terry nash

So perfect for me then for the footy and nice pictures while on a walk 🙂 love the idea of play memories apps some do amazing things 🙂

Nic Christie

I always like your videos. The Rx10m3 has worked out to be alright for me. I've found myself doing more photography lately. The reason I'm disappointed however is because I find the OIS to be rather poor. I understand the 4k vs 1080p is different, but I have shakey footage using both settings. I normally pride myself on my hand held work, but with this camera, I've used Warp Stabilizer too many times. Any suggestions? Could I have damaged the OIS in someway? I've had it for about 3 years now.

Fred Hoffman

Great video ... question, I have an RX10 III and have lost audio record on the camera. It will record video on a remote mic but only that way. Can you help me?

Statman and Co.

Really helpful video. Thanks a lot ! Short video but really detailled one ! 😀

Would you still recommend it in 2018 ? I'm searching a camera with strong 4k video capability while being able to take good stills for my work (especially corporate videos where the camera would be on a tripod)

Emil Lipar

Anyone have experience with — Canon Speedlite 420EX and 580EXII in full auto mode?

Jere Seilo

Okay now I can't find strong reasons for buying normal DSLR over this on this price range. I mean I can't afford good dslr and lens kit by now so I'm going with this.

Yolkava Portfolio

Amazing camera! Bit pricey for me but maybe one day!

Nass Youn

I really wanted to know about this camera but i couldn't tolerate the music, so i turned to other videos from other vlogers.Anyway it is personal taste and advice to you not to loose serious viewers

Nass Youn

Man you are doing good informative videos require viewers to listen carefully to benefit, so why you spoil it with annoying background music, it is just my opinion.

eddy c

is it also possible to get the bokeh look in video and foto with the lens ?

M. Weiss

Any idea how to enable audio output via HDMI so I can feed a live streaming broadcast? My RX10 mk III is outputting picture, but no sound.


This is one of the best reviews for this camera I have seen, but it does have a touch screen for focus?

Jason Wheeler

when recording video does the recording stop after 30mins? Or can it record without having to press record button over and over?