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The TravelBig Challenge

Trash review. Look somewhere else. Thank me later

Bayu Shrmn

Indian reviewer?? As expected, xiaomi or samsuck fanboy

Philip Woods

Hahahaha sorry but this review lost all credibility when he stated the phone dose things by its self in his pocket......is that with the screen lock disabled ? ........


Meh, just moron overlook. Not even a proper review.

Andrew Hughes

It was random stuff in your pocket due to the 'side sense' being enabled... You can disable it...


Pixel phones and galaxy have bugs. The Xperia camera beats them in manual mode.

What a garbage review.

Kaizer Allen

What is that Sony baggage you speak of? Just because they don't sell a lot, doesn't mean there's baggage. Trash review.

Kaizer Allen

You're complaining about black bars due to content having 16:9 resolution, yet that's only a problem in the Sony?

Joey B

Lazy to learn what and how Sony does Xperia. Brightness is quite bright outside in the sun if user set to automatic. Again, lazy. Lazy DT editor. FYI, review units aren't the same as end user units. Not smart on Sony's part but I have no issues this lazy guy is talking about. Lastly, take a shower before going on camera... Geez.

Trendy Romish

WTF, What A Retarded Guy An review, U Guys Suck
And Even Said, Music Will Close When U Take Photo, Every Phone Closes Music When Playing Music In Every Phone, What Weed Is This Guy Is Smooking.


What a shame...its a good looking phone. I'm waiting for Pixel 4

Cyril Shiju

It is true 4k... The aspect ratio makes it 1644...And also there is an option to correct the distortion in wide angle lens...


Samsung Galaxy Fold isn't a phone, it's a joke.

S Gill

Sony is so many years behind in the phone Department.

Aldee Natar
It all really depends on the beholder. Because I have only owned xperia, nothing else from other flagships feels like they're better than what I have. I see other flagships day to day and have tried holding and using others for a little bit, and I feel all flagships are similar in all practicality. The only difference really is the UI, as that manipulates how people navigate a phone. In addition the design language and the software they have they use to drive audio, video, camera etc.(I have preference for Sony because of their audio/visual legacy). But what my phone… Read more »

I can understand the criticism except for the "watching movies in the sun" part, but comparing this phone's screen and software quirks to a Samsung phone is just unbelievable. On Galaxy you can't simply fix issues like UI lag or color shifting of the screen. I guess this review is all part of 'the reviewer syndrome' where you use a phone after a phone like one day each and try to publish your review as fast as possible, not digging settings or having any decent look at things. Trash review imo!

Satya Rishikesh

When people say negative about Xperia1❤️
It makes me want 1
Seriously wanna punch his face
As if Samsung doesn't have any issues😒


Asshole! How much did Samsung or apple pay you?? You obviously nip picking, I will get the Sony Xperia 1 tomorrow and can't wait to get back to you!


What's with all the critics talk about if the phone is worth 1000 dollars?? Fucking if Apple ever go with 4k OLED, their starting price will be $1,500 just to start...so, what the fuck?? Stop complaining about the fucking price areadly, geez.

Christopher Bridges

Sony might not be as good as Apple and Samsung and LG but I can give Sony credit for trying magnificent video by the way a job well done!!!!

Rishikesh Ingle

All the movies are in 21:9. 70% of content on Netflix is in 21:9. All the music videos and movie trailers on youtube are in 21:9. Pubg, Fortnite, Asphalt 9, Minecraft are in 21:9. To me that's enough 21:9 content.

akhilesh gupta

This guy needs some payment to review a phone well
He just said everything good in negative way
See like vs dislike ratio

Samson Okoro

I don't understand ur own test regarding outdoor legibility or brightness. I have seen others compare both phones outdoors and the Xperia one was the brighter device l. You guys shouldn't do these things u do to always make Samsung win all the time


Randoms things in pocket: common things fore most phones because of touchscreen not a issue. Dont put it in the pocket.


Sony, if you are watching, I am finally ready to abandon you completely. Although all my computers and tablets and TV's are Sony ... I am done! Between the heap of crap you sold me in my Google TV's (basically brick'd within 1.5 years) and now all of the crap phones you have been pushing ... I'm done! I keep waiting for you to get back on track, but nope... you keep putting out crap products.

Amir Bright

The stupid part is they created a phone to watch movies but forgot the sound part, where is the headphone jack?


Really tired of hearing about wireless charging

Jerry Berglund
Ok one more question. So its possible to take picture with shutter sound with music playing on other android phones? Because that sometimes doesnt even work in a computer? I you play something on netflix and wanna listen to music in the same time, that usually not possible because the sound is busy. And thats what is happening when you listenting to music in your phone and taking a picture in the same time. The shutter sound takes over the sound drivers and pauses the music. If you turn the shuttersound off, it will not happen, so in sense a… Read more »
Jerry Berglund
Yes its not a good review. To be honest I dont think the guy knows that much about the device hes having. But Maybe that his way to review the phone? He sees the review unit as a beginner and how a user not used to a Sony phone could react. A Sony user could get great picture because we knows how to do it. A person that never used a Sony phone doesnt know its strange quirks. I mean one of the bad things about SONY is the camera software that is kinda slow and that makes photographing kinda… Read more »

Mine fits in my pocket without messing with any of my functions, Bluetooth streaming also works in any situation pocket as well had my Xperia 1 for 5 weeks best phone I've had for performance, screen display and camera and its also the most comfortable to hold. That 21.9 ratio is so good. Don't think this guy has really used it long enough, just a one day review, ignore him ask real owners

Shweyati Htat

Xperia 1 is a 4K TV we can watch movie in our hands and enjoy media and games so it is worth buying to the price tag

MrMobile [Michael Fisher]

+1 on that "camera shutter sound pauses music" complaint. Huge problem for me as well; something I thought Android had finally moved beyond. Great video dude.

Rodolpho's Tech channel

Not mentioning the free pair of headphones from Sony worth 350 dollars?! Coming with the purchase. Strange...misleading. Because that changes the whole story

Steven Rodriguez

ahhh thank you, I appreciate actual usage review and showing apps like twitter in use

Andrea D'Amore

Stranger Things isn't in 16:9 aspect ratio. I watched it on my TV and there were black bars on top and bottom of the screen

Naime Shirou

Lazy review. This is why this kind of reviewer make Sony look bad. Xperia 1 is a amazing phone. Don't compare it with other phone. All phone are getting better now.


the Xperia 1 has an exceptional screen, it is for video and film enthusiasts, why the hell would someone see movies outside? when all the movies are made for interiors and dark rooms.
Besides, the calibration on the Xperia 1 is more faithful than the S10 calibration for HDR

Michael Fregoso

I considered the Galaxy phones but a curved screen and a hole punch camera are deal breakers for me

Smart Guy

Sony is not serious about smartphones. Its simple

All Cars United

Will be getting mine today to Cary around with my sony A7r3. Let's see how it does as a bcam

Tony Marin

Nope, I wouldn't get Samsung... A ticking bomb... No, thank you lol. By the way, who will want to watch a movie outdoors?.. If its about pictures, you can get good pictures if you know how to mess with the settings. I feel this reviews leaves a lot to be said.

GhaV jGRite (jeaHAvee)

Having black bars on the sides of the screen is not an issue. I watch YouTube videos on a pixel c, and it really doesn't even bother me at all.