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Duncan Gow

You are at your best on these types of videos!! Super glad you made this!!

David Akoubian

If you see a bear on the trail and want to know what kind it is, climb a tree. If it climbs up to kill you, it is a black bear. If it pushes the tree over, then kills you, it is a grizzly bear. That was just a black bear, look big and stand your ground. Great video Thomas!

David Hoy

What are you doing with your hand during the pano? Measuring the frame or using the force to summon dramatic light?


seriously thumbs up for that trip all the way up and for that last goat picture was EPIC


Amazing , Thomas. What an experience!
I love the goat photo. Great light. I wonder what it would like if the goat were positioned a bit to the left. So it's game would be a leading line to the distant mountains. What do you think?


Why do you using F11 with your long lenses? I mean, you didn't have any close foreground. Just wondering...

Dave Burchette

Hope you’re enjoying your time in the states. That certainly was a gorgeous location! Many times I watch your videos and think I would really like to get to Britain to do some photography and then you remind me that there is incredible beauty right here for me to seek out. Stay safe. Enjoy the rest of your time here Mr. Heaton. Can’t wait for the next vid!

Steve Sagnotti

For the bears you can also wear little bells on your shoes so the bears hear you while you walk. You can identify bear scat by the little bells in it. 😉

john Ant

You could use the bair for a thumbnail just to gain more views. But you choose the landscape. You really love what you are doing, good job!


love the trip video. Be safe out there. Happy trails!

Jerry Scheller

Great to see you doing a video in my home state! And Sahale Arm is the place to be if you want to see a bear.

allan sisson

Fantastic tips, Beautiful work. I'll be buying a calendar. Sadly to late to order early.

Marco Valk

Not carrying bear spray in bear country is incredibly stupid for all the obvious reasons, not in the least the welfare of the bears.

oddbjørn austevik foto.

One of my dreams is to experience a bear encounter in the wild, so glad you where able to witness such an incredible piece of living. And the goat at the end... Nature rewards hard working individuals 🙂 Great vlog Thomas. Take care!


Saw three bears my last time in Banff National Park. One was a grizzly, had my 70-200 and got some decent shots of him.

hobin sohn

should have put some cheese on that spam tortilla

Akmal Muhamad Fadilah

Nice video as always, Thomas. Subscribed to your channel after watch your several videos a year ago. And yes I'm A newbie on Landscape Photography. To be honest I switched over from portrait to landscape. And it's entirely different!!! When I hike and camp over night in a mountain to take a shoot, the feeling is something. Could I send few images to you to be criticised in order to improve my progress?

Gail Sawyer

Fabulous Thomas. Loved the goat. Great shot. I call them bonuses for the day. Unexpected bonuses.

Richard Gibbs

Love the video, looks like you really enjoyed the trip. Thanks for taking us along too!


you know what I'd love? A digital calendar in the form of an app that changes the desktop wallpaper each month. That would be amazing!


My fingers are crossed in hopes that the beautiful goat image makes it into the 2021 calendar...Awesome video Thomas. Cheers.