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whats with the BASS in the background in the beginning

Friendly Cordyceps

So the problem with the Last Jedi scene imo was there were just too many guards. If they had like 4 instead of the millions they had it would have been so much better

Luis Coutiño

When Cavill reloads his biceps a pocket appears in his shirt.

Quiet Demon

The choreography of last Jedi is fucking embarrassing and is a joke to the art form of both stuntwork and cinema in general ugh how the fuck can anyone like that movie

Devil's Advocate

6:11 why are they fighting themselves?

Fyi: never saw any of the Stars wars series.


5:14 when Niko thought he caught the fly but didnt made me laugh


Glad he prefaced his critique of Last Jedi with he is a fan of Star Wars and he makes good points of how the sequences could have been made to look better. Props for a great job on Punisher scenes.


Every other Hollywood actor: "I'm going to need a co-actor that is fit and capable ..."
Tom Cruise: "I want Superman."


That Stunts video was awesome. keep doing those plz!

Alex Blascyk
What a lot of people miss about the imperial guard is that they have a fight or die attitude (most of them). even though they know they cant beat a force user, their master just died, they are in revenge mode. Kill who killed their master or join their master in death. Thats all they really care about. dying at the hands of a force user is a good death, everything else is an embarrassment. No, it's not meant to make sense. It was a training program made up by sith to gain the most controllable and determined followers, made… Read more »
Greg wx

The Kylo move doesn't make sense, not huge star wars fanatic but I know that light sabers doesn't turn on from that red button, is the big rectangle on the handle. So yeah they even mess up that one, you can see it on the new hope how Luke turn on a lightsaber for the first time.


I like how the final shot returns to the trope of guy laying on his back with a handful of glass thrown at him from just out of frame.

Georg Tomazic

The Protector have the longest uninterupted fighting scene filmed in one single shot...

Lonely Bonely

I'd love for you to react to the original Old Boy's iconic fight scene, I'd love to hear your opinions on it


Would love to anything from any of the original Jackie Chan Police Story in a future video!


i like seeing parkour on youtube, so the last trick, knowing that its semi possible without wires and fx makes it even cooler

Dumitru Boaghi

@About move of Aria Stark in last season of GoT. It was stealed from Far Cry 3, where protagonist kills in same way the first antagonist. It was 7 years ago.


agility isnt a thing casul. try dex. or acrobatics. or athletics. (if its a buster keaton build, prolly acrobatics)


I'm only here to hate on The Last Jedi more. It's been almost 2 years and I'm still having fun trashing that POS movie.

Amazing! The figth scenes remindes me of the time a was a amateur stuntman. It was 30years ago and I (the bad guy) had a stick figth with the good guy. I had a very big stick which was thick but flexible. The good guy had a wooden stick of a broom. We trained the scene numerous times, because it was a long stickfigth. I was also the stunt coordinator. To be sure I was padded properly and I was wearing a thick leather jacket too, because you never know…. The figth scene was a part of rl performing. There… Read more »
Aryn Sanders

regular men: I got full coverage
Legends: I got four wheels


Dunebuggie Jones

“Bring him back!”
“Bring him back!”