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Karan Singh

Bhai iske warranty kitne saal ki hai please bhai batayo

praveen kadraka

May i knw the price of this smart watch in india rupees


A typical female "Review" : No substantial facts, only playing with colors and picture elements combined with kiddy disco music...

Ray Ramos

Great review...oh nice is more better tha Thor pro...

suman pankaj

song name pleasssssseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rohan Pawar

Steps not at all accurate just by shaking this watch it starts counting steps 😂😂 but camera is good but take a look at the Samsung Gear s3 frontier great buildup accurate in everything

Роман Соловьёв

Is it competitable with IOs?

dougie miller

Crap 'review'. Total pointless showing using the play store to download and then play games on a watch. Show push messages etc!!

Sivaprasad D

How could u purchased this watch... From flipcart of amazon?


Can Thor 4 be used to tethering? I want to put JIO SIM in THOR 4. Make it hotspot and use the wifi for my smartphone while travelling.

Tyler Bailey Browne

Hi does anyone know if the watch has sound while playing YouTube on the watch?


Buyer beware. Even with updating the firmware: 1) will not authenticate to certain wifi networks 2) only setting is kilometers, no miles 3) reboots all the time 4) when you turn your wrist over to unwake the watch to see the time, it only works about 1 in 10 times 5) the volume slider for incoming calls does not work 6) pedometer is off by about 15% 7) battery drain in GPS mode while streaming music is about 90 minutes 7) very poor visibility in sunlight 8) charging cable is finicky

Kai Le

cam on nha! tim mai moi tim dc mot video quy gia zay 🙂

NPC trolling to wake you up 4253

Damn, plays games to ...

Nitin Pandey

Can you please tell me the SAR value for this watch? I've been using it for 3 months now, the undersurfacr of the watch becomes uncomfortably warm after a couple of hours of wearing it.

Fariz Abdul

Old smartphone packed into small form factor. Wonder how long batery life? Maybe cant get through full day because small batery.

abu bakar siddique

can u plz confirm or test the bluetooth calling and messeging system?
can i receive the calls coming to my smart phone and can i reply the messages coming to my phone through the watch...do make a video about it cause no one have done it

kalin Lawrence

can i use face book and whatsapp and listen music with smartphone?