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cj West

This is not a review of the Osmo but more of u just having crazy fun. But I don't care... just wish it was me.


GoPros is better than this one , just my opinion!! #GoProsAreKillingIt

agung prabowo

So epic the osmo action... awesome of bali island 😉

Stankata GC

HI whats the name of the Surf spot, thanx, nice vid

Pierre Montels

I surfed this spot 3 weeks ago, it’s called cenningan , the left is perfect and the bar above is so good !!!🤙

Pedro Henrique

how do you get this footage of you surfing? do you attach the camera in your chest? how?

Andrea Volpini

Do you take also some photo? What about the quality?

Mouth Cologne

Nice Video Bro. I am wondering where that cliff jumping spot is exactly? Also at 2:45 is that another cliff jumping spot? Can you also tell me where that is?

Bisayang Hapon

What DJI Drone are you using in this Video? Great video ❤️🤙🏻

Paul Barnett

5 to 10 % filmed on Osmo Action Cam
well done...

Fabio Ghirardello

Testing new osmo action: drone videos

Matteo Orfei

Where is the action? Whitout a good fov of action cam?

Laurin Schädle

awesome vid, but whats the name of the villa?

Lucian Coman

ooo I am in Bali...OOO action...OOO Bali...oo my Belly...O action...Bali hey...what a woos ...did I am mention that I am in Bali? Osmo...what Osmo ?Get lost...........