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Snehith Shenoy

Video and studio so crisp that I thought the lens was floating over the phone @6:26 :O

Neil VainIAm

I hope you know your f***ing SICK!!!

P.S I’m watching the whole video

michael xxx

Now only 60fps is left in this perfect production envirement

M_Kenny. 40

what framerate is this video? its so smooth but it's not 60p

Mohammad Alfaleh

$1,000,000 of tech in a 20min video. "Most of you will never use this level of tech." You're telling me. Awesome none the less.

Isaiah Muriki

Paused to read comments I agree complete overkill, who are your assistant except the robot

Michael Collier

Wish I could Like and Dislike a video at the same time...Like because cool gear. Dislike because you're shooting YouTube videos on a RED (sorry, multiple REDs) which is kind of like driving a Ferrari to take your kid to soccer practice. I mean, yeah it works...but dude...


Wait, how many red cameras do you actially have?


Someone do the math in the description please lol

The People

Alot of expensive Camera and expensive gear. We all enjoyed your high quality video


this was awesome! thanks for your help and the information. bless up


bruh we really wanna know about the rig from 2 days ago

Kit Low

Your gears sounds like it costs hundreds and hundreds of thousand... share your years of success in your next video... the journey and how did you attain all these...

Omar Vale

It's cool to see that he is investing back his money on exceptional quality gear to keep producing great videos.

Marlon King

That robot arm looks awesome. I just don't have the space. Defoe a smart rig you have there dude... and yes I watched to the end. I love my gear but Defoe overkill for what I do right now, but can appreciate your journey and how you slowly upgraded to all this. All the best man.

Jack Bishop

Crazy to see all the different pieces of equipment and techniques that go into making your videos as excellent as possible. The attention to detail definitely shows in the final product! Dope vid, thanks for the peek behind the scenes.


К тебе от русских пацанов слишком много претензий. Исправляйся вообщем.

Oliver Spicer

No I can't afford any of that gear, yes I still watched til the end and saw the robot's first attack.


That is a more professional studio than what some tv stations probably have. Plus more than 1.2m people geeked out at this video. 👍😂

RealDeal PM

Bruh this video was mad cool and informative. Yea 99.99999% will never even have one of these tings but I found that it really gave me insight on all the work and effort it takes for you to make the shots you want. The process was really complex and it shows why you're the goat of tech!

I would love to see more of these, will you may be constantly upgrading maybe like every few years doing a gear tour would be awesome!

Shivam gupta

You should buy gear for PewDiePie and teach him to shoot videos

Elias Tincu

Amazing video! Would love to see more stuff like this!

Anton Thomsen

No one:
Mkbhd: i have a robot camera arm that i control with my xbox controller which is connected to my imac running on windows

Jason Ramsey

Wow! That is some amazing gear. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

Daniel Lansiquot

AI’s out to get Marques at the end


Oh man, I totally enjoyed watching this video! Thank you for sharing 😉

rakshit ya

man... yu got all that money from doing youtube vids?
kuos to your hardwork bro.

Hareesh Devendran

Who got clickbaited by Xbox controller