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Janis Rieksts

Can you use dslr cameras like canon eos rebel t2i, becouse i want to know if i am gonna be able to use it

Yves De Kegel

Will this work with a combo Z6+FTZ adaptor+Nikkor lens? Or too heavy? Too big to rotate properly?

Aaron Andino Photography

Great video. How does it handle with the FTZ adapter and F mount lenses? I’d like to move to the SC from the S, but I’m not sure it can handle the added weight up front. I’d be concerned about full range of motion/underslung.


Is it me or the price has been adjusted to $359 USD on the standard package? What happens to the people that bought it at $439?

Shawn Koh

Hey Dave! Are the battery grips interchangeable?

Joseph Guerra

So you said I should get the Ronin S if I have a DSLR (which I do). But its a light DSLR. It's the Canon T7i. Then would the Ronin SC work?

Kevin Kada

It would be great to see how the SC handles Underslung Mode with a Sony 7r3 and the Tamron 28-75 or something similiar. By the way: great video 😉

Luka Matkovic

Honestly, I dont know why but with every review I've watched so far the sc seems more shaky then the s...

J Johnson

Will it work with a 6DII? I keep saying it’s perfect and it fits most mirrorless but...

Nassif Visuals

I need some help. I own a 80D, however it is not at the compatibility list of the RONIN SC. Otherwise my gear may be hold by the gimbal so its weight is under 2kg. It seems to me that this gimbal is dedicated for mirrorless cameras, but my question is: ¿Will I have just limitations for using it on a DSLR, or the gimbal won't stabilize my 80 D at all for not being a mirrorless and also for not being at that "compatible camera list"?

Sky Makai

Everything you need comes in the box? So no need to buy a special cable for Sony cameras like with the Ronin-S?

Sky Makai

I want to see it with a Sony a7III and 16-35GM as well as 24-70GM.

Giobunny Tech

Great stuff! You think it would work nicely with my canon t5i?

Jonathan D. Orozco

Great review! Thank you Dave. Which dual handle grip would recommend for the Ronin SC?

Simple Woodworking

They’re not in stored yet? So, it’s only pre-order? And, do you know how long it might take to be delivered?


This gimbal looks amazing! Any chance you could test it with a Sigma 18-35 on a GH5/S? Curious to see how this would fare with that setup/combination

Gee Waters

Yeah you should probably rethink using low mode in a crowded park full off women wearing dresses 😂 they looked pretty freaked out.