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Michael Mourek

I would not purchase the DJI OSMO Action — the lag on both screens — GoPro can shot in Super Wide Angle — that I use allot — not available on the DJI camera — plus the audio is 1000% better on the GoPro — lastly the picture quality is better on the GoPro — 7 Black — True


Are you okay about delay issue with osmo action?

Scarboro Sasquatch Station
Tech4All : Hello Michael ! Interesting video comparison with the DJI OSMO Action vs the king of action cameras the GOPRO HERO7 Black ! The issue I have with the OSMO Action is why do they have to build so small a camera... that to operate it hand-held is a misnomer... due to the fact you only have room for two fingers , and no gorilla ham-fisted knuckle draggers need not apply ! lol One must have a couple of small dainty fingers , if they are to properly hold... then operate the DJI OSMO Action Camera without the use… Read more »
Ib Erik Söderblom

I think you are absolutely right !

shebin mathew

Is there any heat issue with OSMO Action on continuous recording .? Like in hero 7 black...? My hero 7 will heat up in just 28 mins of continuous recording and shuts off by itself. Is it same with OSMO action...? Please reply . If it is not the same I will consider buying it. Need an action cam which records continuously for hours without the heat or any other issues. please advice me.

Marcos Harvey

You mean why to choose the hero 7 over the ozmo action?

Sergi Ariza

7 irrelevant reasons to try to make people don't see the reality. GoPro is better.


GravGrip developed a $35 Mechanical Gimbal for GoPro and the Osmo! Check it out!

The Sounds of Solitude
Another great video, I agree with everything said but still prefer the GoPro. I had a single GoPro Hero Black 7 and waited for the OSMO Action and got one but sent it back. Decided to go with another two GoPros in the end, the dewarp is not an issue for me as I can easily do that in post and I find the GoPro footage to be less pixelated, the Hypersmooth outperforms in every test (walking/riding/panning/on cars etc) apart from running (Hypersmooth seems to less care about tilt axis — guessing its for tilting on a bike or snowboard). Honesty… Read more »
Dhofar sam

If u people don't addeess the worst issues of both cameras how we believe u r talking the truth !

Expedite Travels

I watched another video where the guy was complaining about the screen lag on the front and the back of the DJI and the other thing that kind of deters me from it is you cannot hook up an external microphone but other than those two things it does look like a decent camera maybe they can fix those issues with a firmware update or something or maybe they have an external microphone adapter in the pipeline something like GoPro has?

Land and Lore Photograph Off Road Adventures
I did consider the DJI camera but at the time there was no Australian retailers so I got a GoPro Hero7 Black instead and it is only around $50 more expensive, I am rather happy with the GoPro. The only feature that the DJI has over the hero7 is the selfie screen but since I do not really do selfies this is just a waste, fact is if the DJI camera did not have the selfie screen it would barely raise an eyebrow and would only be a $200 camera that is probably only a bit better than the Firefly… Read more »
Alexandre Serov

with your eye for color grading, I am not sure you should review any cameras =)


no aquabox, less accessories, lagging — thx, i'll stay with GP7black

That Husky is Crazy

After looking at all these reviews I purchased the greatest action camera ever created, The GO PRO HERO 5 SESSION and I only paid $179 with an accessory pack.

Piotr Charvel Majka

Remember, you're reviewing sports webcams, so...:
— Why osmo have no gps? (it's a sports webcam, we like to put a speedometer on the video)
— Why does osmo stabilization only work up to 4K@30fps? We like smooth images, especially when it's a sports camera and the shots change a lot.
— Why are you praising the front screen and not saying that switching between screens pauses the recording! This is ridiculous 🙂