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OfficialKeith - I.T.

I got this too. Trying it this Saturday at the local auto show in my city. Good review!

Rhino Thunder
I use this script with my Samsung Galaxy camera and a microphone on the top Center Mount and two LED lights on both left and right sides of the camera and I have it facing forward away from the C bend and I've decided to mount it on top of my monopod for extra stabilisation because I use this more as a mounting rig rather than a camera grip and I like having the microphone in the middle between the LED lights because it evenly spaces out the light that I'm getting from my two LEDs that I have attached… Read more »

Where can I find an extra screw for the bottom part to attach an extra piece of gear?

Ed Wong Photo

This is great — instead of just an unboxing, you tested it. Wish everyone else would do that... Great smooth footage by the way — I want to only take my smartphone to Cuba and don't want to carry a gimbal and I've been looking to see how others are shooting handheld.

Sarah Mebarki

Really good quality review! Thanks you, I'm new into gimbal/stabilizer/grip stuffs and u actually help me a lot!

The Dope

Shane dude! I didnt knew you had another channel! Been following InTheBlues for years now; great stuff as always but this new side made me feel even more in tune with, as we share so many similar interests 👏👑 keep these coming King 🔥🔥🔥 Greetings from Chile.