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Wayne deWho

Awesome. You should do your intro with the word "pizza" every other word.

What Day Is It

Whoa! YouTube’s been hiding this channel from me! Subbed, time to binge watch.

Horology House

As a macro focused channel (watches), this is a really cool option 👌👍


Amazing! Is your next video about X-T3 firmware 3.00 that's just been released recently? Your valuable opinion on features would be so appreciated!

Chris Brockhurst

So true about the USB connection, totally unnecessary for most uses. Solid idea for the video here too, nice work sir

Dunna Did It

Man you gimbaled the heck out of that gimbal video. Two gimbals up.

Gavin Beck

He's good with a gimbal... not so good at Tetris, though.


fuck yes Tetris! Cool video Gerald, thank you.

Toto Tata

Inspirational ! Will try that out. Thank you.


can anybody please answer me this — since I purchased gimbal I don't see any use of slider any more. Should I just sell the slider — why should I still have it, if I can just use gimbal + 120fps + warp stabilizer?

Ben Harris

I would totally listen to you reading ebooks.

Jon Paul Ashworth

I love the technical straightforwardness in these videos.

New sub.

RackFocus Cinema

Great stuff.

What's the light you use to light the gameboy?

Liam Solo

If you're only panning and tilting then why not just use a tripod?


Not gunna lie... I've never once thought a gimbal would have a use in my workflow.
Until this video.

Also... clean that Game Boy!


Great videos. Make. Art. Now. sent me here. Subbed!

Sound Machine

Great video but your Tetris game needs work 😉 7:57

Miraja Design

Gerald, This is the kind of deep tutorial that keeps us coming back. You rock bro. I am stoked to try this with my Ronin S.

Mr. Canucks Grow

well this was a fun video to watch. appreciate this info on the Moza Air 2.


Hey you can not use the motionlapse feature to make video like you do... the interval time is red if you set it lower than shutter speed ... so your tutorial is not working...


Could you tell us how you attached Moza for Inception Mode? This only works in flashlight mode, right?
Great video, but I did not expect otherwise 😉

Mike Duckworth

whould you try the venus optics snorkel lens with a gimbal ?

Daniel Szymanek

You mention problems with using joystick and leaning in and out while filming roll with Ronin-S. Ronin app has virtual joystick, so you can leave your gimbal on tripod and not worry about any unintended movement. 😉

Vagabond-Dogs TV!

every aspect of this video was well done and really helpful. thanks gerald

Great work Gerald! Thank you for this wonderful idea. I did this exact method but with the first moza air, a cheap 25mm lens reverse mounted (with electrical tape 😅) and a GH5. The results were more than I could of asked for, especially for the type of footage I strive for stylistically on my channel. The latest video uses this method. It was a bit trickier to do with the first moza air, as the app is a bit finicky, but once I got in the flow I was able to get some mesmerizing crystal macros.Thanks again, u da… Read more »

I say that taking apart the gimbal is not a minor detail

S3r610 n

Great tip! Awesome!! I'll try it, just next time clean the sensor of the camera I have OCD so imagine how I felt watching the dust particles x'D


I can't get the video record button to work on my Sony even though the manual says it should work for my model. I've tried both micro USB cables provided but no luck. Firmware updated on both devices. I can take pictures but that's it. Idk I give up.

Light Science

The Nintendo gameboy can do stereo audio but only externally. Haha

Light Science

You should start your next video by seamlessly repeating exactly what you said to introduce it.


That's great man. Also, using a clean product might also add to the shot.