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Harsh Vardhan Raj

Last flip phones in the world.
You are wrong there are some Indian companies who are making flip phone at very cheap price.
For example: Jivi Flip 6 and Karbonn K Pebble.These are priced under Rs.2000.
You should check them.

Oliver Jackson

Wait... I can download Minecraft for my flip phone?

Christopher Cesarano

iPhone 7, but I really want an iPhone XR

Kris Lively Lively

Snapping a flip phone shut after making a deal is a unique 2000's experience

I live for suga's chop chop chop in Cyper 3

i don't think that's the last company that sells flip phones...that thing still sells in my area...

Izee Tan

I wonder what happens when you play pubg in that

John Smith

I wish we could get custom built mob phones. like big battery and memory, simple transfer of data.

A dying breed of phones? And what is the progressive breed? Smartcraps that you must charge every evening because if you forget, they can only be used as a pad under the table? I would never believe that people can be so stupid and buy such crappy goods, only to be "in". Actually, I would normally think that a manufacturer who would bring something like this on the market would risk global ridicule to the end of his life. This absurdity has gone so far that nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a good button phone. In other words,… Read more »
Vincent L.

Brings back memories of sony ericsson and nokia n93i was all the thing in 2005—2008... then the iphone changed the game and they all went that way...

Uncle Shady Is A Idiot

If only he knew 2 years after this video was uploaded area 51 would have been raided


I mean, at least in north america it is a dying breed of phones, but in Japan, it's as popular as ever, with touchscreen android phones being available, such as the SHF31, SHF32, SHF33, 501SH, 504SH, and so on.

Unbox Therapy

What phone are you using right now? Which one would you like to upgrade to?

iAmChill_ kid

Omg i need that for youtube and my note10 for playing games


I'm in love with this phone omg 😯😯😯😯❤ I love it being a proper android software and not bunch of links etc when you browse something in general like it use to be back in the day with the flip phones. Lol. Dang where can I get this phone?? I'm currently using the Galaxy S8.


0:40 One of the last remaining flip phones in the world? Are you fucking high my man? Multiple countries still run on god damn flip phones.

justamatter v

So the battery doesn't have to be glued in after all. Samsung played themselves.


I would rather keep my flip phone because it is more durable than a big phone


I remember when using motorola V6 with pride back then... So cooooool


Its 2019 and I still use the Note 8, 2 years strong. Looking at getting this for my commuter phone to and from work and my workout phone


I am using a Samsung Galaxy J3 Star, and would like to upgrade to Google Pixel

A1pHabeT 123

I was gonna buy one today and the employee was like really a flipphone and I told him yeah they don’t break easy

Ghen Khoash

How can I play minecraft in my flip phone?

A FlyingBenCh

Flip phones are still common in the work force. Come to Fort Mac. Flip phones that can't even take a text longer than 140 characters, but they run on 4G... its 2019. Flip Phones are still very real. AND, They are no ware near that fancy. Like 2011 fancy

willy santana

No distractions, it just gets business done. 👍