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Aditya Rao

03:22 they're using a pirated operating system look at bottom right corner 😁

Gareth Lawton

Drogon in that season is the size of a 747. Given that there hasn't ever been an animal with a 210 foot wingspan, it's hard to imagine just how fast that would push air when it beat it's wings. But i'd wager a man could be knocked down fairly easily by a gust of wind that strong.

Vishal Nathan

Can you react to young Arnold in Terminator: Genisys?

Sam Treweek

okay...but what the hell is that picture of in the frame you're holding???! "oh nice! ambient occlusion and index refrac ....... oh... my... god."


React to Gollum in the "Riddles in the dark" scene from the Hobbit!

colby doebel

Do after last season... Just... Trust me on this one

Ryan Bastien

Why don’t you guys try to analyze the Zapruder film

Agent K

If these guys are so smart and creative, i cant even imagine the talents of those who actually write those animation softwares.

Truong Hoang

Every one of these videos: Your pores stretch


I think you guys are ruining movies for me. Shit I never noticed before, are becoming obvious to me.

john scarano

I wish you would criticize the Ang Lee Hulk movie.

Margi Fisher

Yeah but at least Draco in Dragonheart was an actual dragon (four limbs, two wings) and not a wyvern like modern movie/tv 'dragons' where the animators are too lazy to animate six limbs and go with the bat-like wyvern design.

Tylan Maul

I don’t know if you guys had heard but thankfully sonic is being changed to look better.

Jason Pilayan

Great video once again! I'd love to see you react to live action anime, and maybe some zombie movies (dont really know which ones). Thank you so much! Keep it up with the great content!

Kieron Doherty

What about (kinda off topic here, I know), your favourite films that feature little to no vfx or CG etc

Damian Czajka

https://youtu.be/_4WrKeoeZhk?t=374 Hey guys, is your windows CGi as well? 🚩🚩🚩 (look right lower corner 😉