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Jason Mullings

Why was there a blood spray when Maul was cut in half ? Super heated lightsaber would cauterize the wound and any mist would turn to vapor.


I can't believe you didn't react to the opening shot of Revenge of the Sith, with the fighters diving through the battling fleet. That scene is breathtaking

David Lauinger

they started the Darth being alive was in the clone wars show

Scott Engelke

What about the explosion from swordfish at the beginning of the movie I dont think it alot of vfx but would love to know

nick abbott

Darth maul came back in the clone Wars years ago


Can we get grevious reactions? Episode 3 in general.

Supreme Doggo

X-Men Apocalypse Quicksilver Scene plsss

Thanos snap

Sooo... how many of you touched your shoulders? Was that just me?

Chris P

Lockheed martin murders starving children just like in Last Jedi, but in america teachers pensions invest in the death dealers

Seth Solo

Christopher lee was digital to, they used a double and replaced his head with a digital one.

Kevin Ye

For the pod racing and some of the vehicles getting destroyed, they actually made models for each of those vehicles and blew them up. They then captured those explosions and pieces to make the rendering we now see, which is why they look so real. I'm not 100% sure though, maybe I watched a video about it somewhere or something, lol

Nicola de Ruvo

please guy on the left , take of your tablet-glove you look like a fucking snookerplayer


I don't know if it's just my love of puzzles and image finders but I literally spent a good 10 minutes just trying to find duplicate people in the crowd.

Isabella Wilkie

Imma stop you right there. Yes, Maul was in Solo. But that's not him being brought back. He came back in the Clone Wars series in season 4 I believe. And he was also in Star Wars: Rebels.

shubham vashisht

Did you guys watch legion TV show?
That show have very nice visual, so you can react to it.


OMG, please react to Lord of the Rings VFX. Who else agrees?

Cheap Tactics

I never thought about it, but why the hell are they eating pears as if they were a steak?

Erik Kerns

Darth Maul was survived in the clone wars tv show... the solo movie continues that story so it’s part of the EU

Cmdr Japperman

Can you react to the Harry Potters, but give spider warnings if you’re taking a look at them please


The prequels are a masterpiece and I'll make you commit low ground if you disagree

Jovan Roland

I don't get why people hate the prequels. They were awesome. It's like, a fad to hate the prequels or something.

Kendra Frederick

Lord 9f the rings!!! Please do one of those movies!!! Please please pretty please! P.S. you guys are awesome!

Grim reaper

Oh, one thing to add is that in the field scene there was actually a metric ton of bugs in the shot, and so the editors had to single handedly edit out all the bugs in frame.

Dank Maymays

When I saw the thumbnail I thought of r/comedyheaven

Thunderbear Thunderbuddy

What they don’t know is the story of maul after episode one

drew thompson

Obi Wan didn't kill Maul when he cut him in half. He survived and was in the clone wars series.


Revenge of the Sith required, because this was so enlightning and the one shot that begins Ep III deserves to be talked about


Definitely would dig a react to the sequel trilogy / “a Star Wars Story” film VFX 🙂


Worth mentioning Darth Maul is alive because of the clone wars series


Darth maul surviving the fall has been canon for years.


They used that shot (9:31) where Obiwans Lightsaber looks like a toy in the new trailer for episode 9


You guys should look at the original blade movie.