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Courtney Buras

Thank you for fixing this. now please make the company who made this movie pay you to redo it completely and resell mummy 2 so I can buy it and have it replace my older movie.

SetDown Shutup

Please fix my paycheck
Add more zeros and commas please 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑


Have you guys thought about fixing Tron Legacy Jeff Bridges?

Maximum Casualties

In the 2000`s there's a TV show on MTV — "Pimp my Ride". You guys could start a show named — "Pimp my VFX"

AK Sour God

I cant believe I just witnessed a great repair on one of the worst cg scenes ever. Respect Corridor Crew 💪🏾💯

Taimour Zahid

Shit ass bitches
What do you expect from a movie made in 2000s
Can you people even create a movie
Dont talk shit bitches
The movie itself is vintage and y'all just cant talk shit about it


I follow your channel for like 4 or 5 years and you guys are masters of cgi I love all your vids from the other channel, you are amazing guys

Not Zach

Can you fix the cgi on Brian’s face in fast and furious

Kara James

that looked like him great job guys really good


Fix that Hulk fight,in The Incredible Hulk.

D2K Prime

Fix Data's face in the Star Trek: Picard trailer.

Rich P

Ok, I didn't see if anyone suggested this one but the devil — demon in the original Spawn movie... worst CGI ever.

Miguel Mendoza

Do The Mummy, the old one, the scene wear the Pharoah got stabbed and died in this purple pool of faces


😂 that fucking fix is more disturbing because of the eyes

I honestly always thought that movies like The Mummy Returns would be great movies for studios to do "Special Edition" re-releases. Take movies that are well-liked and had a lot of effects that don't necessarily hold up, and just touch up the effects for newer Blu-Ray or 4K releases. Ex. From what I understand, with the Scorpion King they simply ran out of time. I feel like you could just recreate the model, re-render it with modern tools at a higher quality and use Deep Fake technology for the face like in this video and boom... you'd have an effect… Read more »
That Lame Drawing Channel

I think it is SOOO much better but the only thing that could have been worked on was probably the Scorpion King’s hair. Love your work!


It's crazy that the Scorpion King got his own movie after that scene.

Zuriel Bucol

yeah the vfx of this scene is an absolute shit

Jeremy Smith

Remember how they bragged about how this movie starred the rock and he was only in it for 2 minutes in the beginning and 2 minutes at the end

Jeremy Smith

Looks great guys, The mummy returns is actually a really good movie but the effects are cringe worthy, I just watched it a week ago and enjoyed it quite a bit

Josh Whitton Music

Oh it's a challenge you want?


Your move gentlemen...


Guys can U do a Nano suit movie, from crysis.

Sambo Panda

This should be the blu-Ray new revision for future generations. But then again it would be an old movie who would watch?