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This is funny as hell and to a good point. Showed my wife who knows little about camera's and she was still cracking up. Good job man, very original and compelling. I subscribed


omg i am a baby escaped from prison 👽👽

The Trivium

In which our hero gets a little too personal.

Fifi LaBeau

Your background music is perfect for what you do.

P. M

Use a Nikon, the Color saturation is much better

Gerben van Dijk

The background of your video image is the same colour as YouTube’s “watched” bar. Just makes planning my attempt to watch you whole catalog a bit harder. Maybe it was on purpose...

Ethan May

Needledick condom search &
Middle finger flip screen 😅

Chillax Rider

There is the Mokacam Alpha 3 on Indiegogo... they have flippy screen, small, wide angle and USB-C to Microphone. Isn't it the perfect camera? 😛


Greetings, been following you along since the Vegan Cops shows. Cool to see this conspiracies gig happening here. Awesomely done my friend. By the way, I love Canon.

Major Motion Pictures

@ 12:00 that dynamic range would be incredible tho lol. Almost arri-alexa like...LOL

Jim O'Callaghan

I JUST don't understand it, Kasey...Why aren't YOU being invited to all the Photography & Imaging Events, Camera Trade Fairs, Trade Shows & Camera Company Press Conferences across the globe?? They should immediately call you to participate...in all of them! God, if ONLY Kasey were in one of their meetings...HEY, I heard the Trojan Company was interested, though!! {You're always the best, you mobile Canadien! Hope the upcoming move goes smoothly and mama won't miss her boy too much!}


I've embraced my "chubby in the gutsack region"


"You care too much about people" Me too, brother...


The messy bed is back. The channel is now whole again.


I used to buy sony equipement... then realised they will do anything (secretly) to prevent myself from being able to shoot a proper film... now they are non existant in my head:)

Dejay Rezme

Panasonic should just add a 3D sensor / time of flight sensor to augment their defocus on contrast autofocus. They must be super cheap because they are in a lot of smartphones now.

Razvan D.

it is not only about the image/ sound quality, it is also about the content quality

James pringle

Somebody give that man a flippy screen.

James pringle

Balance it with a parrot you pirate asshole.


Weird-looking wood tables — I love your little side hit @Matt Granger, he's doing his show sitting at one, LOL!

Dennis Olof
I agree about the GoPro. The nice thing with action cameras is you never have any issues with AF as everything is always in focus, except minor lens distorsions, they are tiny so mobility is great and they just work. But as you have said before most of them have no OIS or EIS, it is only now with GoPro 7 we got EIS. Sony seems to have made a exit on the action camera market. The only thing missing is the option for good external audio without accessories like for the GoPro 7. Action cameras are great for vlogging… Read more »

I know absolutely nothing about cameras nor do I need anything more than my phone. here from the main channel lol


my money is still on Sony... a6700 or the 5300/6200 budget version

Bert Hubbard

The 90D will be here soon ...August 28... will it be crippled ? Thank Canon Australia..........



Rob P

Maybe if Olympus gets it right with the next E-M5 by putting Phase detection you may have to try it. The first version of the E-M1 phase detection was primarily for the legacy glass from the DSLR. Mark II was ok but not great for video but, I was pleasantly surprised with the firmware update.