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Saf Yeet

Why are there so many "don't trow ur camera" videos in my recommendation I don't even have a camera

Martyna Wala

i got one couple days ago and i love it! it’s so cool and i can’t wait to get all my photos

Maizen Albrecht

Because there horrible for the earth?

Nirvan Gurung

Guys chill, disposable cameras don’t get wasted or thrown out. Every time you finish your film in your disposable, the store takes it back to develop the film but KEEPS the camera to add another film and sell it again. It’s reusable but disposable for the customer.


Just buy a film camera. Disposables will end up in the bin and increase waste

Lauren Licup

They’ve become sooooo popular like I’ve been using them since 2016 and the prices on them keep going up. They used to be $13 but I went to rite aid yesterday and they’re $19 now


everyone chilll i just made this video for fun and pls stop tryna act like climate change heroes for hating on disposable cameras,,, do ur research they are recycled after you return them. i care about the earth just as much as the next person but yall act like i buy one then throw it in the ocean after sheesh

Renata Mottironi

But why disposable and not a normal 35mm cam? All you said still applies and on a long run disposable cost way more. It seemed as if when talking about Polaroid the only 35mm alternative is disposable cams and they're not...?


bruh stop coming at her, she posted this a year ago. BEFORE DAVID got his

hannah khong

moral of this video: they’re the best because you can forget the pictures you took just so you could remember them later... i’m convinced


her :why disposable cameras are the best
also her: are disposable cameras ACTUALLY bad for the environment

Austin Vo

why you shouldn’t use a disposable camera: bc of climate change