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Everyone taking Linuses side have completely missed the point. Niko says it best. Do you really need a camera better than the one they used on prometheus on his tech review channel?No. his camera guy wanted to play with a cool toy and he ripped off his boss. his boss is mad, because yeah, it is expensive, but it's also the best. theres a reason it is expensive. you can shout out all day about how it doesn't need to be that expensive but buddy, it's a proffesional film rig. You can't be like "why is a ferrarri so expensive!… Read more »
Ahmad saleh

okay your comparing a pc to a red camera the price point is a big diffrence also a gtx 1080 ti pc would cost you around 2-3k not 50k plus dollars also again this is still over priced

darklordbazz Tech

1: Linus wasn't the person to go buy it, one of his employees did
2: They don't use the red rocket
and just to add onto it you were talking about what you needed to game then you said a MacBook which made me confused since most games don't support Macs 2:40

pat poland

On a scale from 1 to 10 , this video sucks booty.

Sujay G

wow!.. 18k Likes || 18k dislikes... Never seen it so balanced


Never heard of this fucken' channel just like the thousands others channels that are hidden deep inside youtube and nobody cares!


I think you mean how he is wrong. Why he is wrong would be things such as stupidity and lack of research. It's a subtle, but important difference.


I think a long term company who has been filming actual full range productions for years and years would know more about the usefulness of a triple A cinema grade camera set up than a tech tips channel, to be honest. I know Linus does other stuff, but Corridor is literally a film production channel


Also an 8k camera does help a lot with editing and flexibility and they use it beyond filming reviews actually.


Wow, haven't seen so much bullshit in a video for a while

Derek Ferguson

Really? Defending a $240 cable because it's "made in america?" Get fucking cucked yank. Go jizz your pants to your national anthem.

I can somewhat understand their points here. Keyword: somewhat. But I dont give a flying fuck how many of these cables you make, no cable and i mean NO cable can and should be justified to be 200 dollars per. It's a goddamn cable. You sit there and talk about how high quality everything is and the solder points are. Alright then. So the day comes that I feel like making shirts from scratch and do everything myself. Are you going to pay 500 dollars for a basic t shirt where you can get the same quality from literally anywhere… Read more »
Ethan D

Look at them trying to defend a fucking WIRE literally metal and plastic

Gellért Párniczky

You guys are missing the joke harder than an orphan it's parents


You guys make some good points. But RED equipment is an utter rip-off. $200 cable? there is no quality standard to justify that.


Omg those are like apple fan boy but for red... closed mind, the only one that have the truth can only be red...

Omar Ortiz

So these guys are just dumb huh. Glad linus doesn't waste alot of time on these iduots critizims

Banananan Man

Why are the likes and dislikes even? I think this should have a much better ratio because they made some very good points about the video on Linus Tech Tips and Red Cameras.

MegaFrozen Man

The actual reson for all this hardware beeing so expencive is not the "ultra omega quality" (wich certanly is a part of it's pricing), but it has more to do with the quantaty.
If you are selling Hardware at a way lower Quantatiy you have to make a way bigger margin on the product to keep your buisness up and running. Dead simple


I've love your videos but when your defending a proprietary 200 dollar cable when I've worked for a certain cable company that pays minimum wage and charges a fortune for the cables you lost me.

You missed the whole point of the video.

Also pretty sure float plane has been around long for a year...

The Pyroclastic Flow

The reason linus is complaining about how stupid the pricing is, is because he has a tech review channel, he reviews. "SpEcIaL sOlDeRinG" my ass


luckly linus won't be the one using the red, it will be used by people who are more skilled with cameras 🙂

Fernando Ginesi

I really like your channel and LTT, but I hate when people go out of their way to criticize others. Linus is a tech guy, and from that point of view, the red camera is kinda expensive because he is not using it for movies or clips. On the other hand if you are in that area like the corridor crew is not such a expensive camera considering what's the cost of loosing footage.


It was a joke. I hope you get that now 😀

Tommy Bonetti

Justifying that $200 cable is like justifying those high $500 audioquest hdmi cables because it was so hard to make with crazy good shielding lol

Aspen Young

I dig your guys videos but there is no excuse for the price of those ssds, for the same price you can run raid setups with redundancy to get the same speed and never lose footage to damage.

The BunnyDeveloper

But Linus drops expensive hardware that makes him epic

Joshua Heffernan

also LTT is a big company, don't make the assumption linus ordered the stuff

Joshua Heffernan

i disliked, video was no clear and you waste time with 3d printing

PhoenixOfMight Gaming

genuinely can't stand linus as a person...

Factual Fox

Linus should at least sound SOMEWHAT grateful that he actually has the money to buy all that!

Francisco Villalobos

Man, I love you guys and your channel but the whole point of Linus's video is to show how expensive it is to future-proof their content, not to diss RED or other creators.

Anthony Perkins

You know what else gets click baiting viewers into 30 seconds of pointless drama in order to mask a mediocre video please elaborate on your argument before you throw shade otherwise you look worse than Linus.

Coming up on 2 years laterSo it's really the comments that get. For the actual video I like them both because you have two perspectives on the matter. You have the folks who use the gear and the folks who only pay for it. Between the two is the basic question of need. The Linus video is the person who pays for the products and is wondering why their people requested it. My boss isn't going to review every single purchase request. They expect me to do the research for the item I'm asking to purchase. If I come in… Read more »
Default User

You mean some idiot in Canada is wrong?! How crazy! Linus is an utter moron and a nobody in the actual tech world.

Corey French

about the file compression. im confused if it is a memory issue, which ok if it is. Linus tends to have a setup with RAM varying from 128-256gb. is that not enough...

Tom Zhao

A lot of the comments are pretty ignorant. I'm pretty sure the only camera that these people have touched is their phone. A lot of people are comparing people who use the RED camera to Apple Fanboys. This makes no sense. A RED camera is a professional tool. No one is buying a RED camera because it's aesthetically pleasing or popular. People that are fans of the RED camera love it for it's features.

Saurav Das

How much did RED pay you to shit over Linus' video... Also if you commentors haven't checked it out yet, Brandon made a video explaining the need for RED cameras and gave the camera guy's perspective and also collabed with these douches

your dad

You know how mad I would be if somebody took there work card and bought that much on only camera gear.


He makes videos for youtube his shots doesn't cost 10-20k pffff... i bet his whole day cost less than 1k he doesn't need that kind of camera well maby he does coz viewers want 4k 8k or sth shit. and his stuff ordered it and he is just ranting


I love how you guys don’t know how much hardware cost and you’re trying to justify it with this camera yes it is a very nice camera and I’m sure they have to supplement the cost for their R&D but I’m sorry a lot of those products are way overpriced


The cable should not cost that much even if it is handmade and hand woven copper with hand woven braided sleeves

Jorge Santos

I just think that linus is bit to rude sometimes ...like a spoiled kid

ak moose
maybe not add your shitty mask that no one cares about just to meet the 10 min that youtube requires you so you can get recommended lol. you're full of shit manAnd yes I saw this video long ago but I didn't comment cause I didn't think it was worth it. but I changed my mind after the yearsHe is complaining as someone who paid the bills you do know he doesn't know jack shit about cameras ? he got a full team for thatand as for SSD they are known to fail a lot do your research before talking… Read more »
BingPlayz YT

Linus actually made a video with there guys after this guys complaining him here the video

His channel name used to be (corridor digital) here the video