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Don - Gear Offer Founder

Pretty sure I found you from YT recommendation. It was your first video.

Brian Decasa

I think you've officially surpassed Morgan Freeman as the most interesting person to listen to

Kagan Rustem

The recommendations are so bad! I keep getting Camera Conspiracies in my feed! 😉


Anybody else have that problem where when you select “not interested”, it glitches and plays the audio from it once you start watching a different video?

Gilligan Phantom

DJI Asasmicmac!

*Edited to perfect spelling


the whatculture video I also got...{and I watched it) I think this blew up because of the ...Corridor watches cgi — series...

Christopher Vu

I got recommended the Supra, hardest puncher, and tech bag as well 🤣


I haven't watched you in months but this video was recommended lmao

What About Nepal

So glad to hear you say you walk or take a bus. I try to do the same, but I'm a lot older and sometimes I end up taking a taxi. I have a Youtube channel I'm working on and the first thing I'll get if it ever starts to pay is an electric car.

I also get annoyed at the suggestions. I wish there was a listing for Youtube. Is there anything where I can just look at Youtube channels like the TV listing channel.


The real mystery as content creators why are some of our videos recommended and other not so much. Granted they all kinda suck but it's a mystery.

Erica Robbin

Could be recommendations of CookieSwirlC instead lol.


He’s got a mic! Bring the rocket launcher!

Itz Si

Alien tracker beams in my ear lobe 😂👌🏼

Grumpy Old Git Reads

Never mind a fish that will eat a rat, why would you want a fish you caught in a sewer? 💩

william k.

start looking for a new platform now. yyube has become exactly what people were turning to it to get away from. programming


"I'm gonna watch that as soon as this video is over. You get me you really get me."😂😂

crushing boomer bear

I'm not kidding, I honestly think youtube has recommended every one of those videos, and we have
completely different likes.

M Wills

Just subbed thanks to The Steve Czaban show.

Great videos!

Raychard Kho

Are you going to release a video about Jason Lanier issue

Jeremiah Stringer Hikes

Why do they do this to me?! This video was in my recommended feed!

Ashley Stubbings

You're 37?? Wow! Dude, looking good! (for your age! LOL)