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Marco Prova Tutto

Hi Jeven, thank you for reminding me of this innovative solution to wirelessy transmit your footage to a monitor. Speaking of quality, are the false color indications reliable as I were using a field monitor? Thanks!

Christopher Glass

Is it just to monitor or can you record footage to your iPad ready to edit?

Mavic Pilot

Such a really interesting tool. Thanks for reviewing it !

Scully's House of Thrillers

Jeven is such a maverick! This channel is mega, so it goes without saying that you can learn a ton.

Tony Jacobsen

I saw this first hand and it's pretty friggin' awesome. Definitely good to use with multiple devices on set to allow a few people to get that signal. Great video, Jeven! Thanks!


Nice but then it takes up the hdmi for a monitor

Jeven Dovey

This product will be available soon and should be between $200-$300.

Chris McKiernan

@Jeven — is the companion app available through the ios app store

Silverbullet Film

Does it send sound from the camera, over to the app, does it accept 25p signal also, the webpage only talked about: 60/30/24fps?

Carlos Araujo

how about the latency? can it be used for focus pulling?

De Todo un poco The truth set us free

Does this transmit video from Panasonic AG-UX90 4K to a laptop?

connor Chapa

Just get a Fuji XT3 and transmit live view to your phone via Bluetooth. Cool thing is it doesn’t drain your battery.

Aayush Sapra

You can also use it with wireless follow focus

Parábola Films

How do you see the quality of the image on the cell phone? Is it the same as the camera?

Erik Smith

Where did you get the app? The AppStore only has Accsoon for the A1. Thanks