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Carolyn Thornton

Try to comment on every video. I can't remember if I commented on this one, so here I am. 🙂 I am loving the top in this video!!

Audrey Farias

“It’s supposed to get super hot, it’s supposed to get 80” girl that’s a cool breeze here in south Texas 😭😂 that sounds amazing!

Amy-Lee Angel

Your skin came a long way. It looks great!

Karen Courcy

I tried it and I think it sucks! The foundation feels like paint thinner! It does absolutely nothing for my face! It’s horrible!!!! The concealer is just as thin and liquidity feeling but the foundation is worse! I hated it and returned them!


This one woman that lives in a building opposite to mine has a parrot. It's an apartment complex and it's super echo-ey here. I've been listening to the damn bird shriek for like five years now. She also takes it shopping and stuff. Shit's crazy. I know how you feel 😂😂

Sandy Moyer

Excellent review, as always... I was very excited to try this, as their Naked Skin is my perfect foundation. This is like thin paint. It grabbed onto my nose pores. I wish the beauty industry wouldn't discontinue makeup lines when they think they have a newer better product. I won't be buying this.

Kandice M

the double wear nude breaks me out too!! such a shame, its so beautiful but not worth the acne.

Torri G.

Please review the new Fenty foundation! 🙂

Lunah Liu

You’re skin has got so much better and healthier than when I first started following you❤️

Erin Harper

So late to this video. So proud to be a baerrito.

Cori Crystal

I bought this when it was put in ulta stores, I got shade matched but after drying down it darkens about a shade. But I do like it just wish I didn’t have to mix it.


I hated it, felt like I had a clay mask on and got tighter and tighter throughout the day. Looked fine, just felt terrible. Possibly allergic to something in it as well, my eyes itched and we’re blood shot, people thought I had been crying. I have normal to dry skin and with the regular naked skin I am loving it. Ordered 5 bottles after this fail.

Jordan Caldwell

"supposed to get super hot... Up to 80" ...80 in August in Louisiana would be considered a cold front😂


I see nothing wrong with sponsorships. As long as you really love the product and are honest!

Kelli Wallace
I may be in the minority on this but I didn’t care for it. I actually returned it. I gave it a good solid week and I just couldn’t fall in love with it. I tried with both brush and sponge and a few different primers and I just couldn’t get it built up to the coverage I wanted. I knew it was light coverage but I could not get it to cover the heavy redness in my cheeks without 3-4 pumps of this. I’m not an amateur with makeup either, and I debated for a week before returning it.… Read more »
Cara Helbert

Can we get end of the month round up thoughts on foundation Friday’s? If you’re still using them if your first impressions were wrong and stuff like that?

Sarah M

I was gobsmacked when I first saw the shot in natural lighting!! It looked soooo smooth and flawless!