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Nils Stötzel

What's the maximum capacity of the SD-card supported by the camera?


It's definitely not good for 2017, I could get a 60 fps 1080p camera for 50 dollars.

Matteo Va

there is any adaptor for attaching external mic?

George Smith

how does it compare to thiEye 5T , firefly 8s?

Block Tube

This camera does not support video output nor livestreaming, fuck!

Ahmed Fouad CosmeSurge

Kindly, I am an Oculoplasty doctor and I want to wear it on my head to recording my surgeries while doing it . Is it applicable for that issue?

Learn Tamil

Can you please give me a link for airon 4k plus action camera. For sri Lanka please...

Evzen Pour

Hello sir, does this camera have stabilization in 1080p 60fps? I heard it has stabilization only for 30fps.

Brandon Howard

I just purchase one on Taobao, I am still blown away. I think it'll be a great purchase for getting into this as a hobby. My only problem is trying to find some reputable mounts for this camera. I would like to mount it on my bike and ride around my city.

Tech Explorers GR

can i connect an external microphone on this camera ?

Lbsnaa Lost

We all saw that fantastic ass...made the video look a lot better

Peter XYZ

I LOVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ your scooter test! To me, that's "extreme" and consistent shakes.

Peter XYZ

Is this the only review of action cameras you got? I like your style: to the point, the essentials of EIS, low light, SloMo. I need a SloMo cam for indoor lighting.

Tanvir Alam Shifat

Hey Chris, What is this place btw?

Nrimo Rahardjo

Did you apply in camera defish for those video samples? How do you think about night video shooting performance? Thanks


what camera would you recommend for selfie-vlogging. budget 100$

raymart simundo

Hi can i use this cam without cellphone?

Torsten Torben

Hi, so I’d really like to know is this the international version or the Chinese version.
Somehow everyone is saying something different whether you can set the Chinese version to English or not. I a little bit confused and really don’t want to buy it if it’s only Chinese.