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Raymond Leggs

soundbars always look cheap even when they cost a lot, one exception the Def tech, B&W and bang and olufsen soundbars

Wade Hoffstetter

Was the crossover issue fixed? I know the YAS207 had a lot of issues with crossover (especially with dialogue).


Yamaha needs to do a new soundbar with Atmos & DTS:X on it, their current one the YSP-5600 is horribly outdated now.


No analogue input, no purchase. When will manufacturers realize this is a make or break feature. When wifi is replaced by something else in the future it makes this device irrelevant and it can't be used now by almost every device that is older than 5 years. It always needs an analogue option.

NOOKEY69 Hard!!

Another overpriced soundbar!!😂😂😂 You'll come out better getting those elac bookshelves and sub.!! 😒😒😒😒

Robert Adams

Just because a company says there trying doesn't mean they actually are. The only way to actually check is to take the product apart and see for yourself.