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Exigent Films

Yo Dan! Do you have different LUTs for the E2? Maybe a collection for different grades? I'm sure the Z Cam group would definitely purchase it if you have a Zlog2 Bundle.

Swoon Creative Collective

Another YouTube review banger!!!

Jerwin Pasco

Hey great review!. What metabones to use if I plan to use Sony 100-400?

Simple Sandals Media

THAAAAANKSSSS for posting this!!!!
Enjoyed every second of it!

You forgot to mention the audio you've used for this video.


On point and insightful. Thanks for the overview. 🙂

Andreas Bücker

Thanks a lot for the video! interesting camera, I have to look a little bit closer at these little piece of cube 😉

Noah Petek

What do you think about the a7siii? Think it‘ll beat it?

Lauren's Kitchen

Thanks! Can't wait for the color grading tutorial, I felt heard =) keep em' coming!

Lauren's Kitchen

BTW, nice camera for the price! The highlight rolloff though, doesn't seem that good?


Holy moly kinda wished I knew this thing was coming earlier the specs for the price is just insane. Great overview looking forward to more videos going in detail about this cam.


Nice review, whats its the name and the link for your handle grip for the SSD ? thks

Jason Spencer

How does the Z-cam E2 compare to a bigger “workhorse” like the Sony FS7 as far as daily usability? Audio inputs, handling, run and gun ENG/doc work? Color science looks very teal/orange, unless that is just a LUT? Thx

Applebox Cinema Co.

Best reviews in the game! Keep up the good work!

Arun R

Once they implement RAW recording inside the camera that will going to demolish many top end camera manufacturers for sure !

Chris Truitt

Would you be comfortable filming a wedding with this? I'm interested in this coming from a7sii, looking forward to the S6 or F6.

LS Film

Perfect we would love to know more about color grading and the lut is amazing

Noir Et Blanc Vie

LOVED the review! I’d really appreciate to know how you’d compare it to the Ursa Mini Pro you spent time with? Would you say you prefer one over the other?

Diego Rios

I’m so confuse right now because I’m pretty sure about go for bmpcc 4K but this footages looks amazing. Nice review bro!


im looking for adobe premiere workflow...I am a bit disappointed because of how premiere doesnt support prores raw and such...what are the options?

Dalcin Blase

Great review, but could you tell us something about it’s lowlight capability?

Jonathan Blair

Wow! This makes me want to get one! I've seen a lot of other people's footage and their images fall apart in the shadows/darker areas. But your footage looks AMAZING! What ISO are you using for the darker shots?


Great video! I've had this camera on my radar for a few months now.

Dean Shaw

great video, a very interesting camera that packs a punch way above it's price point.

Mark Evans

With the BMPCC 4K back ordered for months, this camera is looking more appealing... Thanks for sharing!

Robert Fratacci

How does this stack up against the FS5? Currently use it with the Shogun and love it using Prores raw but the setup is kinds large. I was hoping the Ninja V would help reduce the setup size but looks like that's not gonna happen.

Javier Reyes

Definitely interested in purchasing your lut as well as your color grading tutorial! 😁