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High Fire Alert

I think I might get this gimbal for my fuji xt30 with xc 15-45

Burzin Billimoria

Please test this with the A6500 and different lenses.

Doug Mew

Can you connect a Yi Action 4K via WiFi or Blue Tooth?


This would be an amazing combo with the fujifilm x-t30 with the 18-55mm f/2.8 — f/4 and the samyang 12mm f/2. I hope Fuji gets support.

Peter Lemke

Thanks for the informative review as always. Are we able to purchase batteries separately for the gimbal to extend its usefulness?

Herman van Hunnik

Did you test it with larger camera's like the G9? Or do you think that that won't work?

Ed Du

Especially the combo with the Canon is very interesting. I got a pro-tip, for counter acting the walk movement use the gimbal in flashlight position. So keep it horizontal and make the camera point forward and than walk. I tried it with my iPhone on an Osmo Mobile 2 works like magic. Might work with this one too.

Andrea Frongia

Can it be used with a Sony a6500 plus 16-50 or maybe even an 18-105?

Kodai Wada

Can we use a6500 with 18-105mm lens with Crame M2 ?

Marcio K

Good review, as usual.

It would be interesting to compare it to the FeiyuTech G6Plus — they are very similar in payload (720g the Crane M2, 800g the G6Plus), and both have wifi connection with selected cameras (the G6Plus even have a knob that could be used as follow focus).

The Hybrid Shooter

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Moza Air 2 Review w/ Sony A7III — The Heavy Duty Gimbal: http://bit.ly/TravelCameras2019

Olakunle Smith

Thanks for your detailed work through video as usual. Please, can you do a comparison video of the Zhiyun Crane M2 and the FeiyuTech G6 Plus? Hope I am not asking for too much.

johnny30601 Niedermeier

Good review, thanks for your great work . Can I use this gimbal with Oly M10 Mk iii ? I would like to choose this camera because it has good in body stabilisation!

Naranjito Yt

That's sad, the zoom buttoom doesn't work with the canon g7x mark iii

مختار الفراص Mukhtar Alfuras I

Good review
Review Zhiyun Crane M2 with sony6400 16 mm 1.4

Ronald Holloway

How do you connect to G7X III I cant seem to get mine connected thanks for any help

DJ Brother Charlie

Does the M2 work with the Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS/TZ 100 ? Or does the zoom lens get caught inverting? I see some fairly large cameras in comparison that it works with

Ahmad Wahyudi

Is it compatible with DJI Osmo Action ?
I mean the red button on the gimbal. Can it be used to start/stop recording video with Osmo Action ? So we don't have to press record button on Osmo ACtion to start/stop recording video.


I've never seen a video from the G7X III look sharp. Canon really messed up.

Hisham Elkawash

Thank you. Can it handle fujifilm xt2 with a light prime lens?