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Who is here just because of the thumbnail?? No, ok just me.

james carl dela cruz

Why Wifi show password is not in app Story

Luny Cipres

Wait who doesn't know about an audio timer?

Luny Cipres

2:23 ok so we were at someone's house and my mother's phone was connected to the net there... It shows up a QR code of the wifi.

I just scanned that code with my phone and connected to it... I still don't know the password 😅

Luny Cipres

I'll just say that my phone has a tips app that tells you all the features it has

Rose Lol

It totally works

Tried all of them on my iPhone

JF Productions MK2

Thank you so much my phone was starting to lag because I had a lot of history it would not let me clear.

spongebob squarepants

I have a question for the screenlock password. What if the time is for example 1:10 would your password just change to 3 digets instead of 4 or 6?

Sandra Mendoza-Montalvo

But you have to pay for the “WiFi password show” like $0.99

Game King9

1:35 but if u put airoplane mode on, if the game requires wi-fi u cant play it cos when you turn on airoplane mode, it automatically turns off the wi-fi


Clickbait youtubers you should stay away
JK am not a hater

Bhupi Singh

Excuse me my phone 📱 is lock then how I will I download that app

Bhupi Singh

Thank you 🙏 I was searching for 2 years ago thanks so much you’re so smart 😎😎😱🧐🧐

Gatcha Prinsess

That’s thumbnail got me so exited but NOoOoO


Roses are red violets are blue I think this channel is a clickbait channel too 😉


My Android phone has this #4 features


What if my phone password is 6 letters?

David Martinez

Take photo with a video is for android too


Hey guys! Do you know any other useful smartphone features?

Check if your phone is hacked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AkE49hZfr4&

Sebastian Simidian

If I see one more bright side clickbait, I will un-sub. 😡

Leonit-Lahu -Official

the time passcode was always since jalibreaking but this works only if ios is jailbreak

Sandeep Singh

You didn't mention quick text response for Android. It exists in call settings

David Saputra

The Android Beam doesn't work in my Android phone