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I like this rear view digital camera on my 3 day old 2019 RAV4 limited but, I find it a little weird that sometimes you are looking ahead and when you look at the rear view mirror, you get a strange effect out of your eye which goes away after a second or two. Its like the eye can't focus that fast to being so close????? Anyways still like the technology. I have tried the lane assistance centering feature but feel like I am having to fight the car moving a lot in the lane. Just can not trust it… Read more »
Cmander Rhino

Jeff why did you chose a Camry over a RAV4 or an SUV?


Love your RAV4 videos, Jeff! I am expecting my RAV4 XSE any day now.


Hi Jeff, can you compare the base Rav4 led headlights vs the upgraded projector led's? Is there any difference in their night performance? Thx

Hamim Mahatab

Digital Rearview Mirror should come standard on all models dependent or non dependent based upon trim levels. This feature is just too good to pass up, seriously. My camrys rearview is basically pointless when im clubbing with friends lol but the anti glare feature is so helpful, so theres that


do you get blinded at night on vehicles behind you with bright lights with the rear view camera on?

Ben Buy

I like digital rear mirror. A must have. This is one of the reasons I will get Rav 4.


Jeff makes me love my 2019 RAV4 Limited more every ride!


There’s a video by Scotty about Toyota dealerships scamming you just below yours lol 🙂

This video right here Jeff, is a great example of why people need to subscribe and/or watch your videos. I mean, this is a GREAT demonstration of how the digital rearview mirror works. I don't know if it is available as an add-on option for my 2019 Tacoma, but man, after watching this video, I really want a digital mirror for my truck! I was looking out the back window this morning while driving, and I can definitely see where a digital mirror is totally great. Jeff, thank you SO MUCH for making and posting this video!
Craig S. Sanders

The digital mirror should be an option on all trim levels. To me, it's a safety feature and since Toyota is one of the leaders in including safety features, it would behoove them to make it available on every trim level and model. I can live without leather seats, but give me BSW and the digital mirror as an option in a RAV4 LE. In this day and age, safety does sell!

Retired AMMO461

Great idea on this digital mirror. Much safer when your view is obstructed.

Maka Makamaka

what trim and package for that digital rear?

Gary Veneziano

Wishing the V6 will return to the RAV4 with a bit more driver legroom. In the meantime, I’m enjoying my recently purchased 2019 Highlander XLE.


At 8:10 I’d be scared if i saw that in my rear view mirror lol

Yes Jeff it is a cool feature.I test drove a RAV4 Limited with that mirror and it was nice.The RAV4 Adventure we rented last week (8 days) was pretty loaded up...(I wanted to rent a Limited but they did not have one at the dealership for renting out and we took the best RAV4 they had in the Adventure)HOWEVER, it did not have the Digital Mirror to my dismay. I really wanted to try it out on that trip.Especially since I had loaded up the cargo area with 'stuff' and I could not use the Rear View Mirror during that… Read more »
James H

Can you leave it on all the time or does it have a limited life span?

Lisa Klosinski

Traditional rear view mirror with loud music bass near high setting and distorted shakes mist disturbing — will see how it effects digital. Really odd. Oh yes thanks for the instructions on use didn’t know all that info on orientation