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Wes Walker
It's absolutely incredible that these YouTube armchair quarterbacks do not do their research before they comment. There's not one single thing that guy said that is not true. Been dealing with RF for most of my life. Besides lights that you can see going by if you know where to look or in a much lower orbit. The ones that are higher essentially don't move yes they do move but it's in timing with the rotation of the Earth that's why I fix the antenna can remain on them. The average communication Television Satellite is the size of a Suburban.… Read more »
Ricardo Medrano

I reworked mine so E.T can fone home.

Nebadon Lanandek

Eating the damn beans was the best idea .

Iddi juma

my suggestion for those 3.5k dislike they do not deserve to live in our world of science and technology ...
Primitive have batter place for them


Hey !!! the word is SOLDER got it? Not sodder. Ya's saying it wrong. ⚠️



You ever think of getting into ham radio?

Dr Val

Is not coming from space is Short wave. Funny people still believe in space in 2000

Jon Mitchell

You eating those bake beans without heating them up to temp right out of the can is sick.

Wes Walker

Wow world record for me commenting on a page with this many comments. As you know this is very difficult to find and secure something in the focal spot. It's easier found with the Sun. But I believe the frequency it's your desire also changes the focal point. I'm not quite sure exactly how to find the focal point of Wi-Fi.

RC Hobbyist Extreme

I can guarentee that you can in no way get free wifi using a bare wire in a tin can. How is the signal being gathered? There are thousands of signals floating around. Without a decoder it wouldnt matter if you did pick up a signal. Unless you have the decoder, that signal is just a random signal. TV signals are short wave simidigital. You would need a digital decoder in order to receive free tv. Another lie. This guy is full of something besides beans and gas.

rock n roll

Kipkay. What model and make is the router are you using. I'm looking for one that the antennas unscrew. Also what size of router? Ty

Sacramento/SFBayWX 2002

I am trying to use a satellite dish to boost signal for my FM radios. Someone explain to me how I connect the satellite to the antenna of my radio?

prophet choosen

Hope you can make a video for long range ham radio antennas...

Timothy Mason

Hey Kip Your Antenna Would have been stronger when you finished if the can you used was Spinach""

Timothy Mason

That Aluminum Duct Tape is my Favorite Duct tape Not only is it heat resistant and usable in so many ways the glue I have found to be stronger than any other tape" BTW You can Also Make An Hd Antenna With That Tape And A Shower curtain or Screen. You Will need a matching transformer.