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The image looks like garbage compared to the $120 A119 Pro 2K footage

Theo Fennel

Can any of the Blackvue cameras turn round to record inside the car from the front camera, example of a cop stops you and you want to record them speaking to you. Or is the camera just fixed facing forwards.

Rickesh Lal

Hi their great review... what’s your recommendation. I have three cars that I want to hook up a camera with. I would like front and rear capabilities along with looped recording, hard wire, no screen or active Lange change warns systems and capably of recording while in car parked . What would u recommend?

Excellent review. I have the exact setup with the external battery.I’ve owned this model for six months. I’m happy with the product. However, a major concern is the sd card. My 128GB BlackVue sd card failed after less than a month of use. When I mean fail, I mean it’s unusable. It can’t even be reformatted. After some extensive research, I’ve learned that these micro sd cards are prone to fail...even the quality high endurance cards. These failures are often caused by the high heat generated by the dashcam...especially during the summer months. I suggest that you never buy any… Read more »
Jack Rodgers, Jr.

Question from Florida: won’t the black body absorb more heat than a white body or silver body. Perhaps the reason for black being that it would reflect less in the window glass?

Kalvin One

is there something similar but for scooter — motorbike ?

Ronald Vandermoon

I will not use an adhesive mount! If there is no removable suction cup mount, it's unusable!

bruce cg Gallagher

Excellent review format and examples...thank you


In case anyone was curious the song starting at 9:14 is "Gelatin Nature" by 'Ooyy' off the 'Genesis' album

Hugh Vupy

I have the Blackvue 750 and it's by far the best dashcam on the market in my opinion, but how the 900 4k came out I'm sure it's incredible. Highly recommend blackvue to anyone reading it.

Thierry Coton

Those dash cam are quite bulky not to mention that hulk of a battery!! You are totally right with the 4K mention on the camera which should not be here.

Marcus Bergfeldt

Another recommendation is to lower the rear camera in case your car is dirty or full with snow the rear viper can't reach the camera area 🙂 Looks like an update! Wow need to buy 😮 Great review

Erick Treetops
Battery is way to big and ugly. Why have a discrete camera and then this massive battery that needs to be hidden in the glove box as there is no room under the dash for it. You can buy power banks for 1/10 of the cost which are the size of your phone. Even Blackvues own Magic pro is $50 and will do the job in just about every situation. In addition some dash cams now plug into your OBD connection for power. So no more fuse box hacks.Another down side of the 4k is that it is stored using… Read more »
Robert Mebane

Will the rear cam have quality footage if the rear window is tinted?

Danny de Groot

Nice to see, that around 4:30 you tell us about the wifi and password, while blocking it with your finger... but 10sec later you have it in plain view

Think I'll stick with my thinkware cam/s, no need for extra battery/expense I have not had any battery issues even in winter leaving 2 full days without using, cuts off if it gets to 11.4 volts anyway never has I just fitted the largest car battery I could still less than ½ the price optional battery, if I was to use an optional battery I would simply get a gel battery at 1/6 the cost use a diode so it took nothing from car battery.This is a good cam but not for me though I do like the fact you… Read more »

This is garbage! I had this professionally installed and it never stayed connected to the cloud and this morning it had power but now it has no power. Blackvue customer support is HORRIFIC!!!!! A voice mail would answer and hang-up after telling me to call back later. WTF? NO THANKS! Well over $500 with pro install and this company doesn't take calls?


15:44 I agree. The printing on the dashcam is unnecessary. You want discretion not advertisement. The bronze trim certainly doesn't help regardless if premium dashcam is the intended message. This is not an iPhone.

You may want to wrap it in matte black vinyl.


for a price of this camera you can get a brand sparkling new GO PRO Black lol and have money on table to skeletons adapters ect lol this camera is overpriced big time


You're right about that 4K displayed on the dashcam. I think it would be a bit risky for them to advertise that on the camera itself, inviting possible problems. I guess the best solution is to black it out with a marker or sticker.

guess what

I would never buy a blackvue. They're gigantic and then don't even have a screen. Junk


I think HD is better than 4K in terms of photography .

James Sorrentino

It would have been nice to know the width of the capture angle of the lenses. Most are around 140 degrees, better ones are 170 degrees. Also looking for one that has lane drift and front avoidance warning capabilities. Guess I'll have to go to the manufacturer's site.


It is very expensive. It’s not $99 but over $175-$700. That’s too much!


I am wondering how to set up the cameras so that they may view inside the cabin as well. Can the rear cam be mounted around the dome light and see effectively capture the same quality for the rear?

Roman Nichel

Regarding the WiFi access, if the camera is connected to a WiFi hotspot in the car, is it possible to manage the camera from the WiFi hotspot ip address or do we have to still direct connect to the camera with its own IP address ? Thx.