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This is meant for like, lockers, suitcases, backpacks. Stuff that you need multiple people to have access to but not something super important. So if you put it on your locker, or on a bag in the airport, theifs gonna get in because people usually look for something they can get in fast and grab whatever without attracting attention. If someone wants whatever is in your bag or whatever, they'd have to literally steal the whole bag to take it somewhere less populated, and at that point you could just cut the bag open, or use any tools you own,… Read more »
Manfred Georg

Can you really clear all the finger prints without unlocking it? That seems like even more basic of a security flaw.

Operaton Creation

that is the dumbest design ever... what the fuck... all that work put into that and then... lmao 3 torx heads


Hey, you don't need a correct fingerprint. All you need is a screwdriver!

PS. "Smart" move on the manufacturer's part to send you that lock. Did they watch your channel 🙂


Bruh you press it down for 10 sec your good...

lambo ROCKS

I honestly dont know wtf the manufacturer was thinking when they made that thing🤣🤣🤣

lambo ROCKS

They sent it to u and u completely fucked it up for them🤣🤣

haijeka elem

The lock itself is more expensive than the stuu insides.

Michael Lefebvre

I bet you I could pull it apart with my hands I'm just that strong

Jacob Jeong

For anyone to unlock it just hold down the shackle and it will always open

DiamondSG Studios

They just sent it to him to wirelessly read and transfer his fingerprint to an external database... After that you can open because its purpose was fulfilled... It scamed you

G Plotzke

It should come with a t5 screwdriver for the price it costs...

Rachel Fajardo

I think the only thing I’d use this for is my high school locker, because I don’t put anything in it


Wait...if you can program everything without even having the lock open...couldn’t you just tap the lock, reset the system and use your palm to open it?

Shim Barax

Whomever it was that sent you that lock is Soooooo fired !

Samsprout Legs

The electronics are priobly worth more than the actual lock

GG Bro

Employee with good idea: “we can send our product in to this guy and get some free publicity”

Product gets absolutely destroyed humiliated

Former employee:


I love how calm you are, I wouldn't be able to help myself get worked up over flawed products like this one haha


Wtf... worked as a welder and had an iphone with fingerprint in that period i can tell you one lil scratch or maybe even too much sweat and you’re not gonna be able to open it

Kajo Harudo

This is a nice duffel bag lock tho. Headed to the gym, just something to keep the zippers from coming open, and maybe to deter nosy people. Eh. Doesn't have to be fort Knox to just look like you care a little bit. Also a good conversation piece. "Where'd you get it? YOU SPENT HOW MUCH"

Block Party Saint

How to bankrupt a company with a screw driver.😂🤣😆✌

Olivier St-Pierre

they don't even look like anti-theft torx screws... this lock is as useful as a post-it.

Rusty Ankles

Imagine not bieng able to get in your house because your lock is out of battery

Alex Garrette

I was waiting to see you pry the lock with a screwdriver not actually unscrew it. 🤣


Lol or u could us bolt cutters on it its soo skinny

William Baxter

Bet they are glad they sent it for free and not another lock purchased lol

Samantha Ellwood

This gives me vibes of what the rich kid puts on his locker


Dude, this company made an entire product line just to TROLL you. That right there is commitment.

The Asylist

My biggest fear with stasis the old classic tape on the sensor trick I don't know if it actually works or not but that's one of my fears

jaime delgado

Whats next. ... the safe cracking judge?

Kyle Dilbert

This is actually quite a good concept, too bad the lock itself is pretty bad...maybe make it out of harder metal...or...you know...don’t make it easy to unlock with a screwdriver?


so...i close my locker at work and go to vacation...what about battery?