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I have a conference call tomorrow and I swear if it goes like this I'll start laughing out load while thinking of this video.

Dad Of8kids

oops... forgot to mute...it was the other guy who flushed.


I'm the one that always forgets to unmute myself. Sorry, my bad!

Edward McGillacutty

@trippandtyler, need to repost this!! May I? I work for a transcription company!

Seventh Mist

Don't forget the guy eating potato chips from a crinkly bag who forget to mute his phone.

Junecar Vallespin

who were the participants? where were they from?

Junecar Vallespin

what was the topic of the video conference?


Am crying with laughter, this is so on point — conference calls are the most inefficient thing I've ever had the misfortune to experience!


You missed, "So far on the call we have... Tracy, John, Kim, Ron, Bob, Lauren A., Lauren M., Scott, Brandon, Josh, Alice, Sara, Lance, Rhonda, Emily, Grace, Loretta, Joe, Erin, Mandy, Carl, Steve, Frank, David, Cole, Tasha, Jill, Brian, Kendra, Randy, William, Yvette, Janice, Darlene, Brandy, Mary, Lawrence, Alicia, Kevin, Stacy, Harry, Marcie, Jack, Iggy, Patrice, Daren, Beatrice, Nancy, Kyle, Tyler, and Otis...We're still waiting on Lisa, Jim, Rita, Lloyd, Kat, Ralph, Mike, Ricky, Johnny, and Bobby" LMAO.

Speak Confident English

This is fantastic. I'm working on how to lead and organize successful conference calls in English with a group of students and I'm looking forward to using this with one of my classes. Thank you.

Roger Rhodes

Oh yeah you did miss the guy on the call while he/she is driving in to the office... And the mom at home with the screaming baby.

Roger Rhodes

So true, why corporates think this is any form of communication that works is beyond me... All predicated on globalisation, chasing the market down to the bottom and saving travel costs. Just nuts! Oh and of course when the business falls apart because of this we all loose our jobs... again.

Thomas Sugar

Keep the meeting on track with https://pinstriped.com . Whether offline or online.

süti esetlen
I often hold conference calls as a project manager and all these happened to me, most of them far too many times... 🙂 but it's my duty also to moderate ppl to go on mute if they have a noisy background or get closer to the phone when they are hard to hear. Nevertheless, no matter how I try to make the circumstances perfect, there is always something: my cat wants to go out and starts to miaow or the garbage truck tries to pick up the trash at the worst point of the call, causing huge noise. Such is… Read more »
Derek Straker

My goal in every meeting is to be The Dave.


i always make a point of heavy breathing in conference calls


And the two guys who sit it in the same conference room and talk to each other quietly all the time.

Training Grounds

All too real. Technology reduces the need for competency through increased micro management. When you are forced to trust your co workers to get the job done and rely on their own responsibility then everyone puts up or shuts up. But technology allows for everything to be tracked by the minute to "ensure progress". But in the end, you just get a lot of time wasted through all the check ups and constant overseeing.


How you all didn't end up with your own tv show is beyond me. You (all together) are like the next Seinfeld. Too bad 🙁

Ezekiel Dominguez

yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! consulting life

Jeff Allen

I had a new one last week. Guy got disconnected, but instead of just losing him, it started ringing his desk. Then it went to voicemail. After 5 minutes, we had exceeded the length of the voicemail and needed to press 1 to send, press 2 to listen to our message, or press 3 to re-record. Organizer actually had to end the meeting in order to get it to stop.

Lucas Andrade

Skype for meeting has solved most of these technical troubles. Thanks God

Jason Hatt

I just know an office worker is out there laughing at this. (Is anyone who works in some job that involves conference calls out there?)

Christopher Ingrassia

This is 100% scary accurate and true


It's missing the guy who put the conference on hold to take another call, and all you hear is that beeping sound and you can't figure out who it is because there are 25 people on the line.

Mando Vid

where's the guy breathing heavily in the microphone?


They missed the part where the meeting software runs a check on your system and says everything is fine, but when you then try to connect to the real meeting, it can't connect and you sit there for a half hour trying stuff to get it to work and finally do just in time to find the meeting is over.