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Anthony the Filipino

When the day comes to afford most of this, I’m pretty most people living 2018 right wouldn’t be able to afford all this in the future.

Judith Maya

pues ami se me hizo interesante el vídeo ya que nos enseña todo lo que podemos hacer con la tecnología o como sera nuestra vida cuando la tecnología siga evolucionando. LESLIE JUDITH HERNANDEZ MAYA. PRIMERO UNO


la tecnología va avanzando de mesiado y las personas se van adaptan y así el ser humano  tiene la facilidad de a ser las cosas mar rápido gracias ala tecnología y sin ningún problema (Irving manuel) primero dos


I can see people in 30 year using this video for 2010s themed vaporwave


I’m sure, a billionaire could afford this.



Budar Endario

Only genius people can do such gestures that most people don't know about it, unless the system guide people how to do it.

Jhuma Banerjee

the future world! amazing wireless and full of glasses

Dylan Hooton

It has been a year since this glass was supposed to happen. However, schools won't let use use tablets or technologies, they only want us to use traditional school stuff (pencils, papers, etc), proving that this will never happen. 🙁

Olivia Lam

The first video is from the parents perspective,the second one,this video,is from the kids point of view!


They are transmitting non-cancerous wireless short wave

Kevin Noutsawo

Oh, Corning ! They truly are in love with glass, literally. This future with corning is amazing, I am looking forward to experiencing it. Keep it up guys.

Drunkenstein Picklester

I enjoy the video but where's the music name?

Jane Hulcy

This is kind of scary to think about what our world will be in the future.


Id like to see , A day of Glass 3 2019. where his daughters have turned into drug addicted whores. His wife has divorced him after running away with a diesel dike who busted out of jail. And he's standing on the edge of his AI employers 84 floor tall glass building ready to jump.

Shining Star

To sum it up, even the walls will be made of ipad in the near future.


Looks like a dull and sickening place. I would get tired of looking at glass every 10 minutes. Plus, have they ever considered that if this "glass" technology was to spread and be widely used, that it could be easily shutdown and unusable if there is a bug, or someone finds a flaw and exploits it releasing millions of customer data? it seems way way to convenient.

Ilyas Rahman - Artesian Drive PS (1316)

Man a day glass is going to be horrible it’s going to be easier to rob

Guilherme C.

Someone can explain me the school glass UX?

Methupa Thejaan

wow...this technology is fantastic ...

Anuradha Ranasinghe

Can you imagine the fingerprints lol

James Waber

shame, these are all developed or still being developed but not commercially viable yet

Rave is KING

unless its cheap. 3rd world countries will be in the dark ages of science and tech for a loooooong time.

Son Goku

We already have started going in this direction.