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Steve Wheeler

In your footage and the slowmo guys, I noticed something. The snub nose revolver projectile seem to travel straighter and didn't tumble as much. Is this possibly due to the shorter barrel not housing as much water volume, in turn lowering the hydraulic affect? Which would allow the bullet to gather more spin and less pressure to have to push thru?


it would be interesting to see this repeated in a pitch black environment to determine whether it is truly sonoluminescence, or just reflected light like you hypothesized.
that has been an ongoing debate on so many ballistics gel videos I've watched.


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Justin Newman

The bullet does not start tumbling until it exits the cavitation that preceded it

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Bubblezov Love

I'd quite like to see those beautiful collapsing bubbles happen through a column of dyes or inks in the water... Destin. get the wet suit!


Would you consider firing more than one shot in as automatic fire in this context?
I'm thinking about the effect of the compound shock waves, but also if the second round is traveling in the cavity left by the first, the round may travel further and more elegantly.


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Bret Bacon

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does about the same thing happen if you shoot 2 feet above water into water? does the water slow it down so that it only travels about 4 feet in the water?

Richard A

Fantastic video as always. The bullet exiting the muzzle resembles a bullet impact into ballistic gelatin. My question is, what is in the temporary cavity? I understand that the water is pushed apart as in the ballistic gel, but where does the (what looks like) air come from? Soon after the temporary cavity is created, it collapses/implodes in on itself, but no air rises to the surface. What is in the temporary cavity? Thanks

Joshua Wilson
Hey Destin, I have a quick question for you. Well maybe two, the first is, is there a way to message you on YouTube without messaging in a random video? And the second, and real question, is do the sounds that come from your throat sound different than the sounds that come out of your mouth? I was listening to an audiobook, and it mentioned a sticker that goes inside of your mouth that acts as a communication device. It's a fictional book and it's like a future technology that's been made up and I was curious if the sound… Read more »

VGR Triad and VGR GSF are teaching to shoot a AK-47 in Underwater

Kelly Wilkinson

between 2:02 and 2:16 Wooahhh did you see the shockwave rippling toward the camera; and how the rifle wobbles up and down like a piece of rubber?
Wowww it's so cool how around 4:45-4:50 the air which was initially pushed radially from the the bullet then is pulled into the channel created by the bullet through the water.
Thanks for explaining the Rayliegh-Plesset equation.


can you shoot a gun in an enclosed water filled container? would it just burst? and what would happen in the inside?
Since Water cant be compressed, how would an explosion look like?


so much force on the front of the bullet. Not hard to now see why the bullet quickly turns off center instead of pointing straight ahead. Then once the bullet gets not pointed straight in the direction of the velocity vector, side forces are huge and the bullet can't go much further or disintegrates into pieces


still my favorite myth busters show where they fired various guns into water. Amazing how NOT far the bullets went. Unlike all the old hollywood movies that showed bullets streaking down past the heroes. Even the 50 caliber disintegrated


Sitting a $200,000 camera beside a pool... ballsy move

Carl Basky

I didn't kniw destin are friends with Jake Gyllenhaal and Brian Quinn?

FPL Finesse

Is it possible to fire a gun fast enough to get bullets to travel through the cavitation bubble of the previous bullet and would this then make the bullet travel further?

I know this is 6 years old but I think you should do it again but mount the gun and go full auto

Qhajajs Shsks

Lol, that is not an ak47 🤦🏼‍♂️


I appreciate the demonstrated verbal communication for gun safety in this video.

† Wilhelm Liebehenschel †

i need video shoot RPG 7 in water

Nikhil VJ

You made this before the era of SJWs getting triggered over anything related to guns. Kudos!

Hope Edwards

This is why I love YouTube. Great video man. You won me over with this video and now just made me a subscriber.

Desmond Penrose

Following the recent shootings in the US don’t you feel you should stop glorifying guns of any kind as a nation you can’t cope wither the responsibility

Ammad Ali

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