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I just bought 2 Art book's on Amazon UK delivered for £63 pound sterling...


There's one Japanese version of the artbook available at CD Japan (It's all in Japanese obviously). I bought both.


Already got my art book, haven’t checked it out yet but I’m sure it’s great


I ordered mine last friday from the german amazom, should be arriving this weekend — Can't wait to read it, already bought and read the other 3 😀

Rocky Beats

I pre-ordered the Steelbook and pre-ordered a copy on youtube. I like this artbook as well! Suggestions on other Alita must haves???


I'd be curious to know how many books were printed in the first run. ##x$$ = $$??

Tony Santiago

Yes! Steelbook: SOLD OUT! Art book: SOLD OUT! Topping the video pre-order lists! Tell me James, Jon, Robert, and Rosa aren't feeling the love. Even the almighty Mouse 🐁 has got to be tracking this. Go Alita Army Goooooo!!! Alita: Fallen Angel!


Don’t know how, but managed to get mine from Amazon a couple weeks ago.😁 I wasn’t expecting to see it so soon.

Zeafer Jones

That is great news!!! Go Alita!!!! I'm glad so many people enjoyed it. From the opening scene and the way it was shot I just knew that it was going to exceed my expectations and I heard good things going in.

Uff I got Lucky I got mine a week ago, happy to hear that the Artbook is sold out again that's huge news, and with the DVD in high demand its more than prove that this film was something special...again I hardly cant wait for get my Blue Ray and 4k here, I will order 2 more copies probably next week to make a give away contest for my comic studio, with those extra copies. Also love the clip of Rosa training, she is so natural for this, I actually cant wait to hear about her next project besides Alita,… Read more »
louisgut1 Lou Gutnicki

Hey Doc, as always — great video — very interesting.
Question to ANYONE: How can I get hold of the movie-script for Alita: Battle Angel? For example, the T2 script is available at: https://www.imsdb.com/scripts/Terminator-2-Judgement-Day.html . The reason I'd like to see this movie-script is that I'm seeing how the movie diverges from the Manga. I'd like to understand this better. From what I can tell so far, these mods to the movie are part of the reason that the movie is so good.

Dan Hue

I just bought the art book online at B&N. $45 -15% (coupon for registering). It's in stock at my local store, and I will pick it up tomorrow after work.


Alita battle angel challenge is still ongoing let’s get a sequel. Buy the DVD or get a download

Tadayuki Shirono

I got an artbook from the U.K. Sorry but the soldout of Alita merchendise sounds great to me. It makes me smile, indeed.


I just bought one, now I just need to wait until it ships here at home next week :). I’m super excited man!!!! I put so much love in other of my favorite franchises (Star Wars, Pokémon, Marvel, etc), But with Alita, my love just went over the top! She is my #1, and like she says... we “do not stand by, in the presence of evil!”

Scott C

This art book situation with Amazon really ticks me off. I ordered mine on 18 March and have still yet to receive it. Today I got an email that said basically "Are you sure you still want it?" I have a feeling I won't be getting one despite ordering it months ago.

Batman The dark knight

Just got mine today and it’s the first edition print edition 💙💙💙💙💙💙 love it and will definitely be gentle about it because some day it will be impossible to get and will be worth a lot of money but don’t care about that because to me it’s price less and worth so much more...go Alita 💙💙💙💙💙

R-2 D-2

Already preordered the 3D blu-ray gotta get it on 4k too. Can't wait for the sequel!

Bjorn Berkowitz

B&N is where you go. They directed me to a store close by that had two copies of the art book. It's a terrific book and a must have for the Gunnm collection.

Charles Young

Alita and Wonder Woman are the two best female hero of the modern day. Disney please sprinkle just a little bit of your magic on Alita. She only needs a little to become a mega hit franchise and series.

Francisco Alves

Just putting an idea out there. Why not crowdfund a sequel and present the funds to Robert Rodriguez? If for whatever reason Robert doesn't take the money, (and there may be good reasons why), the crowdfunded money can be given to a orphanage charity.


Best buy Canada has no Steelbook Editions left I've been told to go into/Call the store and buy/pre-order

George Barrett

Re-issues, heck we knew it would happen all along... Great Doc... And great for collectors, 'cause we need more than just 1 or 2 of each item... Thanks man.

Fan of Alita

The artbook also unavailable on Book Depository. So I'm guessing it's a third print for the artbook coming soon.


Good thing that art book is still available where I live


Acording to Amazon the artbook will arrive in my house next week, so excited! I buyed it back in May.

Warren L

Good thing I got the Art Of and Dr Ido's Journal, straight after seeing it on IMAX 3D! 😀 For those getting it, it's worth purchasing Ido's Journal as well, as it kind of works as a complimentary 'art of' book, with a lot of the traditionally illustrated concept art, amongst other things.

Targ Broffman

Hiyaah! I just snagged a first edition (I hope) art book from a B&N store about 40 miles from me and they had two in stock! I'm so happy I got one, only 41 bucks and change with free shipping, should have it in my hands in about two days, FYI, the first editions are printed "Dec. 2018", and the 2nd prints are "Feb. 2019" at least that's what I was told, I'll confirm when I get it, thanks to Doc Ido for keeping us informed and the free repairs, #AlitaArmy is unstoppable!

Mateusz Pączek

Fortunately, I already have my copy of Art book 🙂 Dr Ido's Journal too 😉

Jeffrey Gatzke

Great video per usual, Doc Ido. I love seeing us grabbing up merchandise so fast the publishers are dumbfounded!

Yellow Devil

i bought the artbook after i watched alita for the first time. there was no blueray or good shirts so i bought something to compensate. cant have zero alita at home^^