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German Lopez

No one in this planet’s history has managed to capture life as close as Godfrey Regio has.

sudarShan Kaulge

I'm from 🇮🇳 & he was from 🇬🇧
We were on call for work purpose.........
He : how are you
Me : i was jamming on some random song so i replied in musical tone.
He : do u like music.
Me : yes anything which sounds good.
He : Alt-j
Couldn't thank him at that moment it's 2:36AM now & I'm Bummpin this track on phone.
It's beautiful i respect the artist and his crew big ups.
Me : Thanks music mate.


alright alright but where is a brazilian funk style song ? that would be delightful

koen van wijk

I'm crying every time when I hear this song


taro means hit in welsh. just puttin this out there


I’m so glad this was in my recommended! My new favorite song ❤️

Monique M

I find this video and this song very therapeutic and calming, as opposed to everything else out there on the internet...Thanks for sharing!

James Peck

One of the magical things, when YouTube adds to your playlist and a song like this takes you places...amazing.


Do you know songs like that style of music pls? Thank you


3:31 Porqué promueven el homosexualismooooo porquéeee...JODER!!

Олесь Околита

Hi friends lsd 5.21 night weed

JP Abah

You are so important, I can only be me because you’re you. Ubuntu ❤️


The video just makes me cry...we all just long to be happy, really... bless us little creatures, us humans.

Lilla Leopold

I’m sunbathing in 26 degree, but yet i’ve got goosebumps:)


Where's the lyric guy when we really need him ?!

Cliff Daniels

Alt-J and Gorillaz give me the same feeling with every song I listen. I may be alone on that journey though.


"Footage is from Powaaqatsi". I HAVE THAT ON BLURAY AND I'VE NEVER WATCHED IT, FUCK ME. Brb.

Fedoras Svensson

3:52 Isn't that the old guy in one of Avici's Videos?

Krishna Rusher Account

I am new here
What language is that,
What country is that

Rosario Aragón

amo con todomiser esta cancion los amo gracias por tanta belleza


sitting on chair in my job, got plenty of money, wife, house, every year a new car and still i think, missing something in my live while watching this. More humanity? love? wanna know it.

Mar VD

What an amazing song Alt J! And that video, with all those beautiful images from these pure countries. May you all be happy!


Хороший клип, смотря в глаза людям в бедных странах начинаешь понимаешь выражение — бедность не порок — души более светлые, не такие испорченные деньгами, и все что с ними связано, алчностью, цинизмом, обманом.

I always come back to this song. it’s like a labyrinth but without the Minotaur, it’s like Coney Island when everyone is there and no one is there, it’s the fellow i met on that rickshaw in nepal, the fellow i met on the train on the way to stockholm, the person i saw at the bus station, (why didn’t I talk to you) in Trogir that summer. for me this song is like listening to your soul on a loop. i don’t know why. but it reminds me of all thresholds made out of moments that never went anywhere… Read more »
Umar Uppal

This tells a story like none other. No wonder I find myself coming back

Luci Bit Chakoch

DUDE, Gerda Taro wasn't just the "partner of Capa", she WAS ROBERT CAPA, togheter with her partner Endre Ernő Friedman. It's actually called Taro for a reason...

Zafar whosayin

they are the embodiment of what amir khusrow preached

Alex Fleming

Everytime i hear an america is full...or canada is full arguement — i watch this video and reaffirm that we all dont have a fucking clue here.


We're all humans, looking to provide for our families. With regrets and accomplishments. Help the ones who need it and teach them to help others. One by one we can make a better world for everyone.

Stephanie Senpai

I came here by my own great taste in music.