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Myself, I would want the reverse on all the time, since it is a review mirror, plus I would want it to record 100 percent of the time, while the front camera is recording in the background 100 percent of the time, simply I do not see what is being recorded in front me. Like you I don't need a backup camera since the car came with one, so I would attach the rear camera to my cyclops break light housing inside the car.


Back camera is 1080P with IR (infrared nightvision) & screen is 1080P?

Scott Downey

The mirror image looks dim. Dimmer than your lower backup camera in dash screen. How would you rate the image brightness on the mirror?

Bhagwan Singh Rana

Will the night vision work perfectly if we install the rear view camera inside the vehicle/ inside the back window glass instead of installing it outside the vehicle ?

Bhagwan Singh Rana

Which one is better between Autovox A1 & Autovox X2 ?

MrT _

Thanks for the video review. How does it perform at night? Often videos look good during daytime, but then at night, some look crappy. Does this has the sony image sensor imx291?

Dharmesh Zaa

Bro... make video on airpod 1:1 clone... and give buying link

Michał Michalski

What You think about heated stering wheels? Are You able to add that future if our dodge don't have that from factory? Just ask thx for any respond 😊

James Sorrentino

I have a Ram similar to yours with a factory installed rear view camera. i'm considering purchasing this and using the supplied rear view camera as a front mounted camera. Mounted low in the grill area, wired to a manual power switch which I will install in the dash, this becomes a very useful tool for parking, off roading, etc. Good video, thanks.

manifest 73

I find the glare just just to much, great idea though.

David Jerela

Well, not sure about 2 weeks. It should be when SD card is full and It will just replace the oldest Video with new one. It is called redundancy. 🙂

Ashy Gee

I like it. I really want to replace my trunk keyhole with camera.


Might as well tell my dad about this lol. Oh and did you see my comment regarding the Discord server suggestion?