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Abraão Inlava

Is very good on car for no have dificult it is very cool

Kevin Lake

Hey are u doing any apps for July or August yet ?

Geriol R

Its a very good dash cam but way too expensive :/ any cheap suggestions ?

Tony C

What size memory card did you use — and what is the biggest memory card it will accept?

Oakley Bhati

Hi 5, I got a Chevy Cruze too.

By the way, this seems legit, I'd consider buying it because I'm really really linking the concept of this.
Please if you can upload a review of this after you have been using it for a while, that would be really helpful.

First Last

Anyone ever tell you that you sound a little like Dinesh from Silicon Valley?

Eddie Arcega

I seen this off brand cam very similar to this one on Wish. It records in 2k for front and 1080p rear cam as well as all the other features this one has. I think it even has some kind of bluetooth and wifi built into it. The camera costs 89 bucks. Wonder if it's really as good as they make it seem it is... especially for that 89$ price.

Bhagwan Singh Rana

If we place/stick the rear camera on any surface with it's 3M sticker facing downward then the picture will appear normal on it's LCD or it will show upside down ?

Dash Cam Network

I just reviewed this. It's actually a decent quality. Your paying the extra for the mirror aspect

Richard Breadwater

I wouldn’t like to cut wires to avoid voiding the car warranty, could it be possible to skip connecting the reverse wire and manually activate the backup camera?

Jon Valera

If I have an existing license plate frame camera is it compatible with this mirror

manifest 73

I returned mines I find the glare on the mirror to be too annoying.

Bhagwan Singh Rana

Which one is better between Autovox X1,X2 or Autovox A1 ?

Bhagwan Singh Rana

Will the night vision work perfectly if we install the rear view camera inside the glass of back window instead of installing it outside the vehicle ?

grim reaper

Love the way he drill towards his hand...happy A&E.