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Richard H

Hey Think Media,
I have a Canon 60D and am on the brink of launching YouTube channel. However my maximum time of recording in video format is about 12 minutes. Is this normal for this camera? (It just says the recording automatically stopped)

Nicole Lawrence

Been shooting great videos with my cell phone but phone is old and battery life is deteriorating, so I am deciding between an expensive new phone or camera. Will get a kit either way. THANK YOU


I'm a new youtuber thanks for the information😄

Terry Tk

This is all about selling — nothing more nothing less!


Dude thank you! This is really needed for me! I am currently vlogging with the phone! This wil really help me to grow! Beast!

Dr. Craig Penny

Your videos are always so helpful. My channel is still small, but not for long.
I’m using a Canon SL2 with rode mic pro+ with natural window lighting.

Casey Roam

Will you review the Nikon Z film makers kit?

The Best Virginian

What camera am I using right now: $70 burner phone...

Karen K

Wow, that ad at 6 minutes was really annoying — first that ringing noise was really loud and I about jumped out of my seat, then you wanted likes? Your info is super helpful, but that was annoying enough to make me leave. Not that my one little complaint will affect your bottom line, but odds are I'm not the first and only person to feel this way — for what it's worth. And I'm going to look for a shorter video on camera equipment from here...at 6:34 of your video.

Think Media

QOTD ⚡ What camera are you shooting with right now? Are you planning on upgrading this year? Let me know! 👇🏼 *** Looking for the perfect camera for YouTube? Watch my full review of best cameras of 2019 (so far) here ➡️ https://youtu.be/jrJ0P2jeJZk

Cazedarnes Equestrian

Do you have any suggestions for those of us videoing without other people — I am really struggling with only one of me, and keen to get something so that I can set up a tripod and camera, but adjust it remotely, rather than getting up and down, up and down 🙂

Cannabis Jones

Sean, I have a Canon Vixia HF R800 and just bought a Canon M10. Which is best?


Is there an external microphone for an S9+ that works? Thanks.

Goragrath De Vaux

You can get the camera even cheaper if you go in store and haggle. Helps if you go to a couple stores too so you can make them compete for the sale. Plus you get Canon warranty for your country.

Jeff Young

Mentioned this under another video but I'd love to see a comparison review from you of the 32 MM f.1.4 vs the 22 MM f.2. I've seen your review of the 22mm but would like to see a review of the 32 mm and what you think about the two for vlogs. Thanks!

Trae The Arrogant

This is sooo helpful!! I appreciate this

Rambling Recruiter

I'm currently using an iPhone XR, with an external mic. It's not the greatest, but good to start. Shoots 1080p


Always smashing that LIKE video! God bless you Sean!

Danielle Nocon

Hi Sean. Thanks so much. QUESTION: for speakers to get recordings like this of their presentations — what would you recommend as the best low cost DIY setup?