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Auf Gomera

You’re not looking at negatives (raw files), you‘re looking at a screen. Everybody is used to some kind of color science of his/her screen. So even if the test was done with calibrated screens, nobody is used to that color scheme.
In the end you have a print, a jpeg showing on the screen or beamer.
Maybe Sony has the best raw, but before you see a picture it has been „developed“ by different programs, color space has been changed, color depth has been reduced and then you‘ve got thousands of different printers, papers, screens, beamers.
So what are you actually judging?

Karl E

This is just hilarious 🤣🤣 Is this an example of cognitive dissonance?

Svein Skogen

So ... basically Fuji-users are the Apple-users of photography when it comes to being obnoxious?

DJ Lee

Nice, another proof that majority of people are full of sh!t. Lol.

Clint Decker

The Breaking Bad photo and Game of Thrones photos looked WAY more saturated on your TV, but then when you showed them full screen, they looked normal.

Lois Bowers

I don't know now know but Fiji film is cool

lucus lopez

I think it depends on what you mean by best color. Everyone has a diff meaning for this. I think Canon users use color science as a means of justifying the lack of tech.

Francis George

We need another video for best skin tones. Fuji are said to be all about the skin tones. Indeed, even as a color blind person, I can see my fuji screws with the colors so much that I don't take nature or paintings with it. But is it true, or does Sony whip their a55 their too? But sometimes Canon is said to be great for skin tones. What's the truth? I went to Fuji purely because i'm in to people photography so it made sense for me. But what if it makes no sense at all?!?!?! aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!

Francis George

That 8% is awfully close to the estmated 6% of color blind people. Maybe color-blind eyes are good at detecting BS. hahahah!!!

Salahudin Bajrami

As long as the photo is sharp and has details and of course if you color grade it just right every camera can be a best camera so it matters how you proces that photo

Scott Hullinger

I for one love the Fuji colors. Truly the most satisfying.And I at least like the Canon colors.
But the Nikon colors always leave me wishing for more, although the camera bodies are otherwise very satisfying.

Scott Hullinger
One thing which ought to be discussed is "color accuracy" versus the sort of color which is merely "satisfying." Hardly the same thing. One comment in this video makes it clear that camera owners are more loyal to their camera brand than they are loyal to a particular color palette. Oh yes, and let's also talk about accurate white balance, and just how much that messes up your expectations if your camera is a low achiever in that regard. Control freaks always want to use raw.Nothing wrong with that. But sometimes, I want to be a lazy ass and just… Read more »
Jace Vo

I have a t6i and a a6300...it was a long story LOL and tbh it really isn't a big deal in still if you shoot raw, but I would like to see this comparison for video as I found that that I prefer the canon over Sony as I don't want to mess with the color in video ( due to lack of experience ) I am just an avid person trying record home movie so.

BC Evans
Well done. Great points. Fascinating. Bottom line for me is: RAW + Lightroom = Whatever you want the colors to be. If you're just shooting JPEG's then as you're saying you may not be able to see the difference anyway unless your images are shown next to ones from a different camera. It's a lot like looking at 4K Samsung QLED or Sony or LG OLED TVs at Best Buy. Because they're displayed right next to one another you can see differences in color. Like the Samsung colors tend to be more saturated than Sony whose colors are perhaps more… Read more »
munir amlani

Awesome! Awesome vid, analysis and science!

The Missing Link's Younger Brother

I use Canon, Sony and Nikon. I curse them all 🙄

Fotograf Marvin Løvenfeldt

Try making the same test but use RAW files instead of JPEG files. Make corrections for white balance with color checker or gray card on all cameras before test starts. Then test to see if the results are the same as with the JPEG files which after all are compressed and not the best possible files you can get. BTW I am a Canon user (80D and 6D)

Dave Everett

Funny that "Color Science" became a buzz word much more after Hasselblad cameras started getting discussed in the mainstream. Particularly with the Hasselblad designed Mavic 2 Pro camera and Hasselblad "Color Science." advantage...

Ian Davis

When asked what his favourite beer was international homebrew beer guru Charlie Papazian replied "the one I have in my hand". I wonder if he was a photographer?

sanch Sanchayan

Sony colors are really good. This is hype hate coming from certain section of Fuji users inspired by few youtube creators.

Gene Ghidora

People were awarded doctorate degrees for less complex studies.