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Rayman Ramlall

So many questions raised after watching this and the performance by the lead is mind blowing

Lloyd Beck

Im sorry this movie is great but how the hell do they get away with showing so much on a movie i mean chopping up his dads body with a saw i mean wtf put something nice on netflix for once!

Living Like Savy

Wait should I watch this first or just start from season 1 of the series?

sty ggie

Bandersnatch : exist
People who pirate Netflix : 🙁

Tino Caesar

I got a headache, i'm super confused, maybe i'm just dumb

Ritesh Magar

I chose yes in the beginning, when they asked if stephan wanted to work with them and the movie ended i was like well that escalated quickly. After that I just wanted it to end but i just made stephan's life miserable with each decision... chilling , thought i was going crazy for a minute there...

Filip dinca

you have no choice is just an illusion... everytime when i choose wrong the movie get me back to choose again!.. i want to "accept the job to work at office" but didn't worked. Later, i choose to turn tea on my PC not to scream at my parent! they are far for what the movie supouse to be!


I like how he broke the 4th wall, lmao it's a simulation


Yikes not my cup of tea. I play games and I watch movies. I enjoy the aspect of not having to make any choices for the duration of the movie. When I want to make choices and interact I play games. I also won't mix my ice cream with my mac and cheese.

I had a headache bcz of this movie seriously ! the movie wants us to make decisions, but at the end all of this restart ,so we can make the decision that it wants , i watched the movie for about 7 times , u know the part when they show you everything in fast motion so you can make another decision after it .......in the end i made him die , and i knew that he will die if i choose YES !, but i wanted all this to end honestly they didnt even allow me to know the… Read more »
R rohithkn

4/10 don't waste ur time they've just made trailer interesting

Roller Girl

Please tell me this was good? I haven’t seen it yet

Muqeet Awan

The new telltale game looks amazing
Also rip telltale games

mudit goyal

The First time in my life that I watched the movie but still after watching the trailer, I realized that I missed something.

Brian Bartolome

whatching this movie feels like having a deja vu.

hassan ibrahim

" I fucked polar bear, and still couldn't get you out of my mind " S5 E1😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Wade Wilson

Just watched with a friend.3 Hours of awesome WTF?! moments 😂🤣