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ChrisManPizza YT

Some parts of the episode drove me insane, especially the ending...

Devina Joelle

I watched this episode about a year ago. It really opened my eyes. I used to be focused on likes and people following me. None of that bullshit matters. I stopped posting on Instagram because I was so disgusted that we actually live in a world like this. I’m really disappointed to be associated with my generation.


This episode is scary. I hope social media doesn't become like this... But I wouldn't be surprised if it does

Hafsa Hasan

This episode was tragic. I was depressed after i saw it. No joke. Time to change things around me

I am therefore I think

Wait that's China and soon the U.S.

Shairra Alpasan

Watch Community Season 5 Episode 8. The Meowmeowbeenz episode was "a little" similar to this.

Hue Lu

The world full of people like these. Saw a “community” just like that before, acting like each and every episodes everyday that creepily, I feel like I don’t need to watch Black Mirror, and lucky or not they said they’re changing, the more they change, the worse it gets. No wonder there are so many suicides nowadays, literally. Horror movies in real life.

Paul Lannister
She is really a great actress and made a own career for herself not in her father's shadow anymore. She was a joy in the help as the racist antagonist Hilly and did a good job in nosedive. Kind of wierd if she wasn't up for an Emmy. Her complete breakdown was a real depressing experience to watch and felt so real. It began in the airport when I really became invested in the character and the story when the consequences of the fake society starting to show. A credit score to exclude the "lower class" and keeping people in… Read more »

I actually liked the ending of this episode. It's a lot more optimistic compared to other Black Mirror episodes.


It IS basically the world we live in...!

Summers Winterer

As of Today the future is now and it's all going wrong

Under the guise of its effort to combat 'fake news', WaPo notes (citing an interview with Tessa Lyons, the product manager who is in charge of fighting misinformation) that the previously unreported ratings system, which Facebook has developed over the last year, has evolved to include measuring the credibility of users to help identify malicious actors.

Lost Person

Give the SJWs power and this is the world they will make for us.
Also Social media is getting cancerous day by day.
People are bullied for expressing their opinion look at YouTube per se demonotization of creators who use profanity even for once.
I hope people kill each other before we start making fake conversations and laughs with each other.


There are X-files episodes with horrible monsters, torturous movies with disgusting bloody gore, betrayals, sadism, creepy characters and then some...

...but this episode was just about the scariest thing I've ever seen! (Not only because I couldn't survive in a world like that, but because a world that fragile couldn't survive any real catastrophes...)

Coco Kan

I heard that its becoming true in China. How ironic it is

Dark Togepi

How do you feel when you shout? Not for being decreased point.

Daniel Emmanuel

Please dont down vote me. Im already a 0.2 🙁


I dive my face in a tub of ice cream on my period... Just with that I'll get zero stars... I would hate this world

Princess Mononoke

I would be 1. Something or bellow 😂😂😂

What About

You really do not have to go into the future to tell these stories.

Iskender Kizilirmak

i saw this episode, its realy crazy how people can get after the hunt vor attention and likes. Iam realy proud to be not a youtuber 🙂 Fuck the likes.


Except I care nothing about what people think of me. 🤔🇺🇸

Toàn Đinh Quốc

Do you want this world? go to Japan

John S

I have more followers on Instagram than Naomi’s actress has.

Louie Furio

thinking about showing this episode to my students


i just started this series and i’m obsessed! black museum and nosedive are my favorite so far

Lili Putek

We watched this in class today lol
Legit our teacher put it on

choco flavored cookies 56


Zoozy G

I wish in each seaaon we focus on an character not ever episode
Rating it 2 stars on imdb ⭐⭐ jk


This is an episode everyone, and I really mean EVERYONE should see!

Ange Alexiel

it's happening in China since 2014... and gosh that's Hitler's dream ... happy to not be in the coming generations cos they will live a living Hell on Earth because of AI and this sorta stuff


I felt bad hitting the Thumbs Up button on this.

Shah Achilles

if this episode is a reality, i will be less than 3 star, cause i don't give a shit about what other people think and i don't seek approval or validation from anyone.

Mr. Pool

Literally just a dragged out, not funny version of Meow Meow Beanz