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Yorkshire Fragrance Enthusiast

Does it work well with a pc? I’ve heard that this is best for Macs and the more expensive H.264 is better for pcs.


Hey Leslie — Why can't you just use an HDMI to Lightning cable? Does the box do something more than just connect the camera to the computer?

Vibol Touch

Using Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio Mini Recorder has any affect CPU usage?

ron dill

You should be a salesman for this product... Lots of Energy and you love the product your talking about!!

Giuliano Marconi

great energy, good explanation, you earned yourself a sub

Jon Mayhew Anderson

Leslie, I am a musician and want to ask what setup you recommend for best video/audio recording?


Leslie, thanks for the video it is really useful. I am having trouble though because I have got a PC and it doesn’t have a thunderbolt input, I have a HP Envy, and it only has USB3 and HDMI connections.
So the Black magic ultra mini recorder light is not going on and I am guessing that is because I purchased a thunderbolt to HDMI connection and connected my PC to it with HDMI not Thunderbolt.
Is there a way around this without buying a mac?

Mark Levin

I just hooked up my new UltraStudio Mini Recorder with your help. All's good. Thanks so much.

Niti2 Casa Productora

how does you conect the tow camaras o the Mini Recorder


i am sorry, but you can not use it like a webcam. its an external video device that wont work with a lot of plattforms without additional software

Jay-R Rilles

When I set up my sony a5100 with this product,will the recording save to my sd card or my PC's HD?

Trevor Whiting

Do you have to use a computer, or can I use my phone or iPad to control the cameras?

Ramdas Thakur

Sir. I have purchased this item but doesn’t work its showing no desktop vudeo device detected in my laptop. Kindly help me.

Bill Alpert

I see in the video it appears as a webcam in Wirecast, but does it really appear as such in other Mac apps, for example Photo Booth or Skype?

John3sixteen Sixteen

hi leslie sam

thx for this video,very useful

my que is
can i use this mini recorder with windows laptop or its only for mac

Sarbjit Kumar

One question
As this give Thunderbolt output.
My desktop has only usb input.??
Any solution much appreciated

William Su

What can I do to make my Black Magic Camera send video to my laptop and use my Laptop as an external monitor?

Art Svanberg

High quality and I believe this video could have been longer but it was interesting enough 😁

Joseph Leonard

Thank you for your knowledge. Where did you buy your thunderbolt to usb 3.0

Kert Mit

this device should not be called a recorder if the PC is doing the work ...