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a couple green screens, robotic arms, great CGI and creativity.

david k

We have only just begun to explore the possibilitys , imagine the implications for live theatre productions ??? and interactivity

asd ddsf

even that arm is a 3d model put into the lenses of camera, and recorded as if its real but its not!? good show tho, 98% of ppl wont know 😀

John Ton

At age 61, I can still get into mind blowing art 100%. Back in the days of "light shows" and sensory-art places like the Laserium, Kubrick's movie, '2001 — a Space Odyssey' was cutting edge — special effects, light tunnels, etc — to me this is reminiscent of that experience, both in intent and in effect, but way, way "cleaner" — Kubrick probably did his with cellophane candy wrappers and cameras mounted on merry-go-rounds or something — shrug — who knows. But guys. This is amazing! Bravo!

Toni Mlakar

was the camera also attached on industrial robot ?


5 years and I am still amazed by this

Rick Kay

Absolutely fantastic. How anyone could downvote this is beyond me. Then again morons do exist


My all time favourite! Great work guys!


I have this in my favourites and every now and again when I need to be inspired I watch this and it blows my mind. I still don't have words to describe this exceptional marriage of hardware and software, something those of us who work in the technology sector should always try and to emulate.

Tangably, Inc.

Neat projection mapping showcase with robotic arms

Justin Berry

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of art work I’ve ever seen in my entire fucking life.

Alana Wright

If you guys want a more cinematic performance:
play this song over it and mute the main video