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Thankyouuu so much for this video. I just got this camera and I love it sooo muchh. Thanks again for the beginners guide . It's a huuuuge help ❤💓❤ love it!

Gabrielle Stieb

Bought my camera last night at Best Buy for Black Friday! Score 🙂 Now time to binge watch on your videos!!

Cannonball Lindz

Mine never changes from 999 on that top lcd screen I though as I take mope pics it would reduce to a lower numberwhy is that


Is the top lcd screen orange like in the thumbnail or is it grey like in the video? just wondering

Larry Sheret

Hello this is Larry’s daughter please subscribe to my channel its called “Noelle Sheret” By the way wonderful video it helped me and my dad a lot!👍🏻

Chris Winter

Hi guys, Chris here! If you are about to buy the Canon 80D, it would really mean a lot to me if you bought it using my affiliate link:
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It costs you no extra, but it does help throw a few dollars back into the channel so I can keep it pretty much ad free 🙂 Thanks so much!

Kacsa Manovilág

you've left out 2 bottons: the af on/off on the back, and the one next to the shutter

Hanad Caaqil

I’m not smart
But can anyone tell how can i get chris winter’s backgroung? I mean the TV behind him writen his name

Thanks for ur help

Emilio Coochie

Hey. I’ve noticed my 80d doesn’t make that little shutter noice that it’s supposed to make anymore when I turn it on/off :/ (the sound yours made at 0:54 seconds) did I turn it off by mistake or is there something wrong with my camera?


Great info. Thank you for sharing!!!

Hidden Bears

how do you take pictures with the video recording screen on?


I can't wait until I finish saving up to get this camera and the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 lens