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Hanker Baltra

soy Chileno y me encanto esa cámara an vuelto al diseño de la t3 loncual se ve interesante

Boby A

— the dynamic range seems too be little bit Tight in certain situation

— Color rendering is much better

-6FPS Is okay (could be better if Camera can buffer more images)

— the button remind me with Canon 1100D

— is there A OLPF?

— The IS is more like upscaled

Airflow Aviation

Canon are walking backwards not implementing 4K in their cameras. If they don't wake up soon, their gonna see the sales that they got from videographers fade away. I own a Canon 1200d, and for its time had good video, but it looks like i'm moving to the GH5 or VXF-990 for my videos in future.

dedi harrisma

I hope the battery pack can also use a type size AA alkaline, NiMH, litihium

P Riza

When Canon EOS 800D and Canon EOS 77D will be released in Indonesia ???

Kered Henry

Pass two years Sony doing better,then canon and Nikon ,please make some camera better then Sony a7r ii .


Fake 5-axis stabilization. It just crop the image in post to offset the hand shake...just like using warp stabilization plug-in in Adobe Premiere.

Hanker Baltra

muy lindo pero dejaron el diseño de las compactas como la t3

Google UserX

I like the new user interface. Wish Canon would gives software update for 750D/760D.

Чёткие фотки

Aaaa !!! 1920×1080 60 fps !!!


Very similar to the 750D; but with some nice new features!
Canon should also try to release firmware upgrades for its previous models. I believe both the 750D and 760D can be implemented with the movie IS in some way since they have a similar processor.

Righteous Reptiles

i think i would go for this instead of the 77d because they are almost the same and probably have a big price gap

JM Luab

one of the best compact dslr ive used! an impressive performer specially on action shooting and low light high ISO shooting

Mangkoya Chimsho

A perfect camera for beginer and middle.NICE!👍🏻👌🏻

Reza Mirinezhad

hi can u help me.
i am looking for csmera just fot photography. video recording is not important for me.
for IQ and user performance and easy to use wich is better?
80D or 800D. tnx

rohan varkey sunil

what's the name of the photographer